Barracuda ensuring its customers’ security with easy to deploy solutions


Barracuda ensuring its customers’ security with easy to deploy solutions

Murali Urs, Country Manager-India - Barracuda Networks


Barracuda always protect customers’ data and applications from today’s advanced threats by providing the most comprehensive and easy-to-use IT-security platforms.

The continued shift to managed services and the public cloud will create a significant market opportunity for channel partners. Sophisticated and targeted attacks like spear phishing and business email compromise are fast-growing threats, and they present an opportunity for channel partners to provide innovative solutions that can detect these types of attacks and automate incident response, helping customers respond faster.  Barracuda plans to work together with its channel partners in 2020 to provide customers with cloud-based application security solutions that are easy to configure, deploy and manage.

For the year 2020-21, Barracuda’s focus will be on providing customers with world-class products, services and support. With Barracuda Networks Channel Partner Program, it gives partners access to training, tools, programs and incentives designed to help them in selling Barracuda’s solutions. At the same time, regular webinar series and workshops are available to partners helping them to understand industry trends and identify market needs.
Barracuda will focus to help educate the market on security threats and how organisations can defend against the evolving and costly cyber attacks. The company will also continue to drive awareness around how Barracuda can support the customer throughout their journey.


In 2020, Barracuda plans to continue to invest in innovative solutions that are designed to protect its customers from the new age cyber attacks. Barracuda’s goal is to make it easier for customers to deal with an evolving threat landscape and keep up with the rapid pace of attacks, while helping to build a safer world. Barracuda has also invested in development and expansion of solutions – such as the Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian integration with Amazon Detective, and the Cloud Application Protection (CAP) platform with the aim to take prevention, detection, remediation, and automation to the next level. The company is committed to making this type of investment across all its product areas, from email security to network, application, and cloud security.


The advent of newer technologies has brought in some big challenges in the cybersecurity space. In the months to come, highly targeted attacks and conversation hijacking will proliferate as mechanisms for Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks – making these threats even more convincing, and ultimately more costly. Web application security is often overlooked because most organizations don’t have the resources or skills needed to manage the solutions properly. In addition, many customers presume their hosting service supplies this protection when they may cover some but not all their requirements. 


There’s also another threat that is growing rapidly – “Deepfakes”. These are AI-based spoof images, videos and audios created using computers and machine learning software – to make them seem real, even though they are not. They will be used to propagate disinformation and even trick employees into making wire transfers. As more and more customers leverage public cloud infrastructure and solutions, human error will continue to be the primary source of breaches, leading to misconfigurations and overlooked vulnerabilities. The new age social engineering attacks such as spear phishing, vishing and smishing will tend to manipulate users in more convincing ways.


The Digital India initiative was launched to ensure that the Government’s services are made available to citizens electronically. Alongside this, a large number of organizations and businesses increased their digital spending, and adoption of advanced technologies. Barracuda provides security solutions designed specifically to protect companies from phishing and account takeover attacks.


Barracuda’s cybersecurity systems protect networks and apps with cloud-generation firewalls. It offers cloud-integrated security for data storage and recovery, along with automated security policy compliance in the cloud. Barracuda supports the advent of digital transformation in the nation by striving to provide the most comprehensive and easy-to-use IT-security platforms.


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