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Contact-less Technology to Bring Revolution In This Pandemic Era


Contact-less Technology to Bring Revolution In This Pandemic Era

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in the time of lockdown and quarantine. And these technologies may have a long-lasting impact post COVID-19.


The number of positive cases reported in India stands at 49,374 with 1685 fatalities. Coronavirus cases in Asia rose to a quarter of a million on Tuesday, as per the Reuters tally, driven by outbreaks in Singapore, Pakistan and India, even as China, South Korea and Japan significantly slowed the spread of the disease.


At 250,650, Asia now accounts for just 7% of global cases, compared with 40% for Europe and 34% for North America, although experts worry that unreported infections are masking the true extent of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated various technology trends which includs digital payments, tele- health and robotics and it has been found that these technologies can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus while helping businesses stay open. Technology can help make society more resilient in the face of pandemic and other threats.

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