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We have to continue our efforts to drive the country


We have to continue our efforts to drive the country

COVID-19 Pandemic has brought Fast-tracking digital transformation in most of the companies. Novel Coronavirus has forced many, around the world, to rethink about our daily lives from work to school to entertainment. It's been imperative to digitally transform our places of work and education to be able to operate effectively. Those companies which are able to use technology well to keep going and rethink their business model for the future by fast-tracking digital transformation will be the ones ahead of their competition.


The whole country is in Corona crisis but IT corporates and partners  are working from home to drive the transformation and at the same time CIOs are under pressure to transform into digital businesses. Technology helps :


 # All banking systems continue to function.


# The stock trading system continues as it is


# All hospitals are functioning because of websites and software’s


# ATM software is working round the clock to keep it running smoothly


# Internet, phone services are running because of the software that IT people manage.


# There are millions of mobile apps that are in use every day because of IT


# You get uninterrupted Updates on all the news channels because of the software


# All entertainment channels are functional because of the softwares.  Social media platforms like Facebook, WatsApp, Instagram etc. are functioning efficiently today because of IT people.


# Your kids  are able to learn online because of IT.


Because of IT people : Pharmaceutical software are running and the laboratory test reports are made available and managed by IT research software.


#  The software that manages the power grid is also maintained by IT.  


To sum-up there is nothing in the todays world that does not require computers and software’s.


We, at VARINDIA salutes all the IT people ,who are working day and night behind the scenes from home to ensure business continuity. They also deserve a big salute .


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