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CIO’s should have the understanding "Jugaad" to overcome technology challenges


CIO’s should have the understanding

From the workplace to warehouses and everything in between, there is no question we are seeing some significant changes driven by technology which are reshaping the Indian telecom industry, which  has evolved exponentially over the past couple of years. The surge in data traffic caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a shift in mobile data consumption patterns and users’ expectations from their mobile operators.


The digital future has come into sharp focus for most of the organizations over the last few months. Concepts that seemed to be nice or novel like “Work from Anywhere” and “Digital Twins” rapidly became necessities, and are now even becoming sources of advantage for those that rapidly embraced the digital future.


At the same time , there is an unique set of challenges presented by a remote workforce requires all senior leaders of an organization—CIOs, CHROs, CISOs—to work together to resolve them. The CIO needs to be a proactive participant in leading and driving change( Jugaad, it is about the art of converting adversity into opportunity) describing the competitive advantage and clearly demonstrating the link between the technology agenda and the employee value proposition. 


As offices re-open, organizations everywhere are at significant risk for cyber crime. The primary reason behind these inevitable threats is the permanence of remote work. A DoS attack has caused your website to go offline for a few minutes.


The digital transformation strategies are varies from different organisations size and culture. Leading organizations are already using networks to enable new business models (e.g. the Internet of Things) or optimize existing operating models (e.g. asset tracking). Alternatively, businesses may be investing in technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), as part of their digital transformation initiatives in order to save cost and scale services in an agile manner. No matter what the reason; digital transformation is helping to improve the customer and employee experience, powered by the network and the new competitive landscape that might evolve in the coming months

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