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Tools and technologies are being used for Remote Work and Collaboration Teams


Tools and technologies are being used for Remote Work and Collaboration Teams

In the world of growing technological challenges and the expanse of new innovative devices being developed by startup companies, a new platform has arisen designed to support the development of these companies.


AI is not new. Over the years, it has progressed with organizations in India now exploring numerous use cases to realize its potential. Organizations are leveraging AI to enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and drive newer sources of revenue.


Organizations across multiple verticals have been leveraging AI-driven by their own needs, but all of them are considering intelligent systems to either reduce effort on mundane tasks or establish specialized real-time insights for faster decision making. This adoption has been varied across industries but has remained steady. Healthcare institutions and hospitals are deploying AI for clinical imaging and point-of-care applications. The BFSI vertical is exploring multiple use cases, varying from chatbots and conversational AI platforms to fraud detection in claims and insurance. As other sectors explore AI, the public sector is almost initiating a similar arc of adoption.


In the current environment, CISOs are now much more likely to be held accountable for delivering real business outcomes with economic value. A report says,


# 70% of all breaches still originate at endpoints, despite the increased IT spending on the threat surface

# 40% of IT leaders say cybersecurity jobs are the most difficult to fill

# Spend on Cloud security solutions is predicted to increase from $636M in 2020 to $1.63B in 2023


The economic costs of COVID-19 are devastating, on a scale perhaps never seen in modern times. At this stage, the human costs are unfathomable. The pandemic revealed serious deficiencies in our systems for innovation, commerce, technology infrastructure, and data governance.


This pandemic has showed us the extent to which our current systems are not ready for the next age of our global economy and society. We weren’t even ready for a highly predictable global calamity such as COVID-19.

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