Future of Work To Be Fully Dependent Upon Digital Technology


Future of Work To Be Fully Dependent Upon Digital Technology

Across the world, we are witnessing a massive transformation in every aspect of our lives owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a drastic change in the way we communicate, work and lead our lives, practically revolutionising the space with the introduction of leading-edge technologies .


As more countries continue to lift lockdown restrictions, governments are banking on contact-tracing tools to help make public spaces and building safe. Everyone is equally desperate to create a future that’s workable. One of the emerging technology which has come-up and expected to grow ,that is thermal imaging technology ,many are using at present, the idea is to help people navigate busy spaces by raising an alert through the app when anyone in the vicinity shows symptoms. The next step is to establish a protocol for how this data would be managed.


Another most important shift we are going to witness in the coming days, that is with the combination of contact-tracing apps, use of tele-health tools, remote monitoring technology and greater accessibility of data could be transformative. We are going to see a huge shift to where the patients have a lot of information they need to manage their own care, seek services they wish, share that information and use technology to make some of their own decisions.


India increases its digital presence, a primary criterion is to safeguard its people and information in cyberspace. It is predicted that managing cybercrime alone will cost a humungous amount of cash and will be the upside & downside from the standpoint of digital payments. A study by Juniper predicts that this number will double in the next three years to reach 2 billion.


Many airlines and airports were in various stages of their digital transformation curve for acceleration of digitization, automation and the passenger experience remain high on the agenda during Pre-COVID. Now in the Post COVID era, when we will start flying ,we will see various disruptions at the Airports and Airlines. We will feel like a mobile-enabled journey. In May 2020 air transport lies physically and financially fragmented, with major airlines grounded, flight schedules cut by up to 80% globally, and many countries closing their borders to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


In the long term we’ll see airport technology that enables social distancing, digitized records of vaccinations shared in a trusted environment and mobile automation for passengers to control all aspects of their journey. This will make airlines and airports more agile and adaptable to change in the future.


Touchless’ technologies, such as mobile Biometrics, self-service biometrics and digital identity management will be fundamental capabilities in this touchless journey. This will reshape and reimagine the passenger journey, and the goal should be about building passenger trust by making travel safe, easy and contactless.

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