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India is moving towards the path of self-reliance


India is moving towards the path of self-reliance

The Covid-19 crisis has taught India the importance of local manufacturing and supply chains. Now it is time to "be vocal about local". It is the right time, if we can revive local industries, which is the need of the hour. The Government has taken care of the challenges faced by the MSMEs and will uplift small contractors, real estate sector.


There is a strong wave going on to Boycott Chinese products (Boycott Made-in-China or stop using and buying Chinese products) - a slogan used over Internet campaigns that advocates a complete boycott of Chinese-made products.


By seeing the present situation, Celebrities, leaders and motivators are now speaking openly on the Chinese companies. This would bring a tough time to China to operate in India. A companies among others who got the Chinese investments, includes Bigbasket, Byjus, Delivery, Dream11, Flipkart, Hike, Makemytrip, OLA, OYO, PayTMMall, PayTM, Policybazaar, Quikr, Rivigo, Snapdeal, Swiggy, Udaan and Zomato to name a few. About Billions of Dollars are invested in India but the COVID crisis has brought a huge challenge for the Chinese companies that are into Mobile phones, Computer and Electronics products (Hardware/Software) business in India. The strain of coronavirus has originated from China and has created a crisis that led to widespread criticism of the Chinese government.


The celebrities, Motivators and traders from across India were seen standing with the nation and the armed forces, leaving aside their profit & loss by cancelling the investments coming to India, which is billions of Dollars.

3 months ago, who would have thought...We will have to buy all we need from one store and that store will be our cell phone. Working from home will seem like a punishment and babies will gate-crash office meetings. Dining tables will be makeshift classrooms and 70% of patients will be treated virtually. The world’s busiest airport will be Anchorage Alaska and you can gaze stars from Mumbai & Shanghai ,Google and Apple will team up to do good and you can’t book a “hertz” or go to a “Gold’s gym”.


We will buy more bicycles than cars and screens will make for exercise buddies. We will drive up to a store without going in and we won't drive to a gas station for months. Holidays will be about going nowhere but just turning off your computer. Fine dining will be in backyards and star chefs and Five star hotels will do home delivery of their foods.

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