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COVID-19 has brought global economies to the knees, and is becoming more than a health crisis, it hurts badly on the economic activities. India too is dealing with the fast spreading contagion and while the Government’s timely steps have helped mitigate an explosion of cases, various segments of the economy have taken a hit. 

In the last two months with employees working remotely we have realized the power of virtual collaborative platforms and how they can replace in-person meetings. The workforce is adapting to this new work model with technology at the core of making all of this possible. Today, there are workplace collaboration and communication platforms that offer an all-in-one suite with access to email, calendar, to-do's, voice notes, video conferencing and more. Video conferencing, Office Suites, Team collaboration Tools, VPN, Workspaces and Remote Access has emerged as the powerful tool to drive the business of several leading brands worldwide.

A Mumbai based company is in talks with the Department of Telecom for spectrum in 28 Ghz band for 5G operations, Plan to launch a constellation of over 35 satellites for pan-India coverage of 5G services, at the same time the mobile operators believe their industry is making rapid progress toward 5G commercialization, including first-generation 5G network buildouts in major markets and steady advances toward virtualization of network functions to offer seamless connectivity, at the same time Cybersecurity is seen as a top concern .

In a recent cybersecurity alert issued by the National Security Agency (NSA), it was found that Russian nation-state actors have been exploiting CVE-2019-10149, a critical remote command execution vulnerability in the Unix mail transfer agent (MTA) known as Exim, since August 2019. At the time, there were 4.1 million systems online running a vulnerable version of Exim based on search results from Shodan. Today, there are nearly a half a million servers still vulnerable to CVE-2019-10149. 

Secondly, Certainly anybody’s guess the choices between life and death & health and wealth. The post COVID measurements are not only going to be the alone GDP and CIBIL scores it will be health scores ,purchasing power ,parity jobs created social inclusion etc. All our assumptions of business are now completely wrong and almost all business are vulnerable and there is nothing which can’t fail. Hence, there need to complete retooling of our measures of growth which include health happiness skills and jobs, smart cities etc.

COVID-19 has instantly transformed the way we live, work, learn, and play. This crisis has tested our resolve, our relationships, and our businesses. Technology and IT have played an enormous role in our ability to persevere during this difficult time. 

Lets wait for the next episode on how the Technology companies are performing during Lockdown 

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