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Urgency In Refuelling Digital Transformation For Customizing Needs


Urgency In Refuelling Digital Transformation For Customizing Needs

There is a huge gap between Pre and Post COVID-19, manufacturers were taking measured steps towards digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The pandemic has changed that. Instead of a “good to have” option, technologies that digitize assets, automate operations, and bring in efficiencies and innovation in the system have become critical for survival and recovery.

Digital transformation projects are returning as organisations realise that improvements in productivity and customer engagement are now even more important – providing that the work can be done remotely and there’s still cash to pay for it.

Going forward, manufacturers need to look for the transition to cloud and multi-cloud-based workplace models that allow secure information access and real-time collaboration environments from anywhere. Adoption of zero-trust frameworks will help deal with security threats in a remote access scenario. Companies will also need to put in place Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based rules to prioritize network access for critical activities in case of an overload in bandwidth demand. With this digital technology is set to transform our lives in a post COVID-19 world.

There is a high alert of a phishing campaign against Indian individuals under the label ‘Free COVID-19 testing for all residents across major metros’. The emails / calls are aimed at driving recipients towards fake websites where their account details can be procured to dupe them. Please be careful and do not fall prey to any such emails. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has ensured that our future will not be the same anymore. 

Nations across the world have been overwhelmed by this unprecedented public health and financial emergency. Embracing and adjusting to the ‘new normal’ will be key. Financial institutions and governments globally are moving from rescue to recovery measures by managing the economic crisis ,which has become equally critical. At the same time , Enterprises has to build a plan to bring remote workers back to the office.

We have seen a huge pitfalls of vulnerability management without context . As per the survey, 46% of global businesses have experienced a cybersecurity scare since shifting to a remote workforce, with 49% anticipating a data breach or security incident in the next month.

We would witness various newer technologies to bring disruption, including moving towards 5G network designed with “Service Based” architecture to offer a superior class of service based on the ‘Slice’ of network , such as IoT, low latency applications such as Tele-Medicine and more including Virtual conferences, for maintaining social distancing and minimal contact with humans, companies are opting for webinars and virtual summits

Secondly, surge in IoT enabled Solutions, including rising in demand for smart devices across the country to stay connected virtually. E-Commerce would be the king – There is a huge surge in online shopping, mobile payment solutions and services for household items, apparels and books.

As the video occupied over 70% of the content transmitted over mobile networks. The Use of Shared Spectrum as services, reason being there is going to be an upsurge in content being consumed on mobile devices in a post COVID-19 world. This is particularly seen in the use video conferencing platforms for team meetings, attending lectures online, or watching video for leisure and entertainment. Lastly, the Communication via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are crucial for the future.

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