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Modernize the IT Strategy To Navigate COVID-19 and Beyond


Modernize the IT Strategy To Navigate COVID-19 and Beyond

Organizations across the globe have asked their workforce to work from home. Security becomes even more important for remote users. Various OEMs are offering digital workspace solutions for a number of organizations including large banks, and educational institutions, but rapidly evolving global events have created an unprecedented requirement for remote working solutions at unprecedented scale with the balancing act of maintaining business continuity while keeping data secure at all endpoints.


We are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain. The rapid migration to digital technologies has been witnessed by the enterprises and consumers .


For Video Conferencing, we saw a knee jerk competition among Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Followed by Google Hangouts / Meet, Skype / Skype for Business and Cisco Webex . Many newer brands to hit the market soon to meet the growing demand. 

In Workspaces and remote Access solutions, Citrix Workspace and Team Viewer is the most popular followed by AnyDesk, HP Remote Graphics Software, and Microsoft Remote Desktop 

Secondly, VPN also has increased it’s demand to 50% post coronavirus outbreak. The move comes as a large number of companies have asked staff to work from home, CISCO and Fortinet leads the race followed by Checkpoint, Pulse secure, Citrix and Paloalto. 


Another important tool for moments that matters, it is Team Collaboration Tools, Slack earned the clear leadership position, followed by WhatsApp and SharePoint . Other OEMs including CISCO Jabber and Flock remains as the strong contender.


One of the key developments in this scenario is the visible increase in the share of digital collection done through mobile apps.Technology replacing manpower is a myth…. actually technology enhances manpower to increase business and reduce losses.


The volume of data in increasing exponentially and all this data cannot be analyzed manually or in Excel. Further, most of the data is not structured. So standard techniques that were used yesterday are no longer applicable. So what you need is more of AI & ML. Due to Corona fears and mis-information and fake news, there will be more frauds. So financial service providers have to be proactive in handling that challenge. Hence, the  CISOs and cybersecurity teams are constantly adapting their cybersecurity programs to meet a new reality that is everything but normal.


one thing is clear – the next normal will be a paradigm shift in every activity of life. For example, social distancing may well become a norm and work-from-home will be the accepted reality. Supermarkets may become scarce and replaced by online malls and eCommerce establishments. Transportation systems will be restructured, possibly making them more efficient and convenient. Education will be widely online. Banking will see crucial changes (maybe in the very long run, branches may disappear, digital will prevail and physical interaction will be minimal). Better and efficient communication systems will evolve and mobile devices will gain multi-functionality.

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