The rising risk of insider threats in the remote workforce


The rising risk of insider threats in the remote workforce

Security is integral part of Digital Transformation and absolutely there is no doubt on it. In these unprecedented times, we will see newer disruptions from the sales to delivery everything to change rapidly with people being the core of this change.

Employees across organizations are dealing with anxiety, stress, fatigue and confusion. There are lots of discussions are going on among the experts, on how to protect and ensure well-being of your workforce while businesses plan for continuity in the new normal. It is like from the survival to revival. 


In times of travel restrictions and social distancing, organizations need to focus on key talent in all functions. This is more important in areas of Business Development and Strategic sourcing. Since, developments need to be done contactless ( without physically contact)! There's need for people who can ideate, digitize and source customers/products, all at same time.


As the world comes to grips with the realities of daily life during COVID-19, cyber-attacks from within organizations themselves are becoming one of the largest risks. As per the report : 70% of organizations say insider attacks are becoming more frequent, with financial gain being the motive in 81% of cases, with the majority of the malicious acts occurring in times of financial difficulty. Information security leaders have become most concerned about inadvertent and negligent insider breaches as the remote workforce balloons.


Technology is being engaged to proactively fight the virus and maintain essential business operations.


Change is a constant in technology, and the greatest changes are often driven by major events that fundamentally reshape how people work and conduct business. In the Age of Coronavirus, more than ever, technology and cybersecurity must keep pace with disruption and change, adapt to adversity, and even accelerate their development wherever possible. Certain best practices most of the CIOs to follow:


# Regularly reach out to employees for clarity on their priorities 
# Look for opportunities to provide constructive feedback to staff 
# Hold career path conversations with your direct reports


Digital technologies are rapidly transforming society and the world with, unprecedented opportunities to meet the newer challenges. Growing opportunities created by the application of digital technologies including AI, ML, Bigdata, Blockchain, Crypto and e-commerce lead to accelerate to keep pace. At the same time the present Pandemic has slowed down the vision of running flying cars in the metro ,will remain as a dream for 2020.


Now a question comes on will we ever have flying cars? 


Yes there will be flying cars in the year 2020 and the future will be beautiful and full of possibilities. No one will face hardships owing to the advancements in science and there will be happiness all around while people will enjoy equal rights. But the reality is slightly different from this utopian dream. Corruption, inequality, hatred, bloodshed, diseases, and what not, 2020 came out to be one of the hardest years faced by humanity in a long time. Flying cars was a far-fetched dream, here the lockdown grounded the airplanes as well.

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