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Digitalization and cyberattacks go hand in hand


Digitalization and cyberattacks go hand in hand

Without Cybersecurity, No e-work is Safe… Ignoring cyber risks means killing the business. Cybersecurity is much more than simply installing a new antivirus and IoT that drives the technology behind the digitalization of industry. The future of manufacturing is made possible by the way machines talk to each other. Operational Technologies are informed and governed by software and connectivity. Without protection, hackers can gain access to confidential information such as product designs, halt operations, and disrupt the supply chain, which is the next agenda of the cybercrooks.


At the same time, Cloud computing is a most powerful tool to deliver all computing services, that includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, and more – over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. One only pay for the cloud services they use, hence the datacentre business in India is very much promising.


After the Digital Revolution 1.0, it became apparent that digitization is inevitable. However, COVID-19 has accelerated it further. Digital fitness and adaptation have now become a matter of survival.


It is apparent that COVID-19 has catalyzed a pivotal change. It has pushed for the development, refinement, normalization, and higher adoption of technological aspects like WFH and digital marketing. Furthermore, these changes will take root and continue to stay even after the pandemic is over. Hence, it is safe enough to admit that we are in the midst of a new and accelerated digital revolution.


Lastly, it is a matter of concern for a deep study on why the developed country like Europe had torched 50 cell 5G towers for claiming link to coronavirus and some 16 have been torched in the Netherlands, with attacks also reported in Ireland, Cyprus, and Belgium, we should take this matter on a very serious note.

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