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Creating a valuable and profitable long term business relationship to scale business growth


Creating a valuable and profitable long term business relationship to scale business growth

Shrikant Shitole 
CEO - iValue InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd.


Milestones Achieved  
iValue is the center of the ecosystem, where it connects its channel partners with appropriate technology OEMs in order to either expand the capacity and capabilities of its channel partners or bridge the technological gaps that exist among its channel partners. Ever-evolving customers’ IT Infrastructure coupled with Digital Transformation across Cybersecurity, Multi-cloud/hybrid cloud workload optimization, and/or Tech refresh were some of the key factors that propelled the company’s eagerness to partner with relevant technology OEMs who would complement its customers’ IT needs. 
As the threat landscape evolves and organizations face increasing costs associated with cybersecurity, the challenge of hiring and keeping top-tier cybersecurity talent is one that must be addressed. iValue launched “iAcademy” - an in-house program to continuously nurture and develop talent across sales, presales, and service delivery to address these perennial challenges faced by its channel partners and their customers. 
Today, most of the technology OEMs and channel partners are operating in a leaner / hybrid model and face challenges in finding right facilities for conducting trainings for their sales/technical team apart from training the technical team of their customers. To address this, iValue strengthened its physical footprint by opening a swanky new corporate office in Bangalore in addition to expanding to more prominent locations in Mumbai and Delhi.  
iValue also revamped its website with a globally oriented one to help its partners and customers better understand iValue’s heritage and data management-focused solutions, services, and expertise. Based on this premise, the company introduced a new logo that represents the company’s ethos and visually characterizes its go-to-market (GTM) strategy. 


Building trust among customer 
Being at the center of this ecosystem, trust becomes the key element, and the color “BLUE” represents “trust”. Another important aspect is “simplicity”, in ways of conducting business relationships with ease. Technology is ever evolving and hence, having multiple gradient shades of blue in iValue’s logo signifies the “adoption” to the technological changes of the market. 


Strengthening capabilities through acquisition  
Today, both channel partners and their customers have a perennial challenge in addressing their customers’ requirement around hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. Primarily due to dearth in skilled resources or retention of resources well versed around multiple technologies. The acquisition strengthens iValue’s capabilities in Hybrid Multi-cloud Services area covering Managed Security services, Managed IT & Infra services, Professional services and sustenance services for iValue’s OEMs. Additionally, channel partners and their customers are eager to deploy white labelled tech stacks that will help them maximize their profit and improve their GTM timelines. iValue wanted to present its clientele across Southeast Asia and SAARC region a bouquet of solutions that can plug these gaps, which is how the decision to acquire ASPL Info Services came in.  


Aiding to navigate technology disruptions  
Technology Disruptions are dramatically cutting down life span of even matured Fortune 100 firms! 
It’s imperative that every Company needs to be agile, anticipate better, and stay flexible to drive profitable growth through Application resilience with flexibility to embrace growth or cost optimization strategy.  
The iValue Center of Excellence (iV-CoE) is designed to empower and expedite Application resilience by enabling customers to try out “best of breed” solution stacks, across OEM’s, from code to cloud, encompassing Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security needs (PASS for every App). 
1st time ever, Enterprise customers now can try out multi-brand offerings to address every need around Application Resilience at iV-CoE and make risk-free Technology investment decisions in double quick time. It’s a symphony of world-class technologies in real-time, all in one place, translating into the peace of mind for iValue’s customers, partners, and OEMs.  
Maximize digital transformation by leveraging the power of iV-CoE. Augment business impact with the new-age iValue hub where all ingredients are kept ready for customers to try out and arrive at the best stack option for every need around Application resilience. All this is available at double quick time and at zero risk. 
iValue’s CoE is where collaborations get stronger, ingenuity gets recognized, and the seeds of transformations get sown because technology is only an aid; it’s the people who change the route map to success. 
iValue leverages Advanced Application Resilience stack with “best of breed” OEM offerings with iV-CoE. iValue’s Solutions cover from secure SDLC to scalable multi-cloud solutions addressing life cycle needs of every application. 


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