Alok Khare President JIL Information Technology Ltd.


Alok Khare   President   JIL Information  Technology Ltd.

AI and ML revolutionizes the Healthcare sector in a big way


Redefined CIO role  
As a CIO at Jaypee Hospitals, my role initially was to design the systems needed and deliver the IT infrastructure to establish smooth and digitised operations. Over the last few years however, I have seen the role of CIO transforming into a more holistic one where he is also expected to drive business objectives like ensuring highest occupancy through streamlined processes.
I started my career in the early eighties when data processing was transforming to Information Technology i.e. online transaction processing. However, in the last 3-4 years, the CIO role has been transformed from technology enabler to business enabler.


Innovations & ROI
Empowering each employee to perform at their highest potential and hence improve their productivity is the most important role IT plays in healthcare today. Greater productivity translates to higher revenues and customers in turn are happy with the services availed. AI and Machine Learning is transforming healthcare in ways that couldn’t have been imagined a few years back. From inventory planning to diagnosis, each department is being impacted by them.
The happy customer is one of the major objectives of my hospital.
•    Customer satisfaction
•    Revenue
•    Improve profitability by improving productivity


Key Priorities
The IT systems in an organisation are aligned to the vision of the management. The IT plans are always derived from the vision statement and business objectives of the organization. The world-class treatment at an affordable price to our patients is mission and technology upgrade plans are also aligned to this. This year we plans to convert our 50% of existing applications to the cloud environment, Electronic Medical Records in OP and IP, and use of Artificial Intelligence in non-medical for decision making. 


“We are working with some exciting young startups and established corporates to solve day to day bottlenecks left behind after implementation of basic hospital information systems. This will mean greater productivity, efficient workforce and improved profitability.”

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