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Mensa Brand Technologies Private Limited


Mensa Brand Technologies Private Limited

Founder          : Ananth Narayanan
Founded in     : 2021
Sector             : Financial Services
Headquarter   : Bengaluru


Index of Distinctiveness: 
Mensa Brands stands out as a unique e-commerce company that redefines the way brands scale and succeed in the online marketplace. Its distinctiveness lies in its approach of acquiring and nurturing digitally native, high-potential brands. It has allegedly laid off 200 employees across divisions, with India Lifestyle Network (ILN) being the most affected. With a data-driven approach, Mensa Brands empowers brands to reach their full potential, leveraging its extensive network, operational efficiencies, and strategic insights. Mensa Brands’ focus on sustainable growth and creating long-term value sets it apart as a trailblazer in the e-commerce industry.


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