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Iris Global Services prides itself in prioritizing customer’s needs and overcoming IT challenges


Iris Global Services prides itself in prioritizing customer’s needs and overcoming IT challenges

Sanjiv Krishen 
 Chairman, Iris Global Services Pvt. Ltd. 


Forecasting Technology Growth  

Considering India’s fast-growing economy, the future of the Indian IT industry looks very promising. Combined with the benefits of having a large, young population, the foundation for the growth of the IT sector is strong. 

The acceptance and adoption of technology in various sectors like education, healthcare, and corporate settings indicates the increasing demand for IT solutions. This trend is likely to continue, driving the growth of traditional IT equipment such as desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, storage, and networking devices.

Additionally, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will play a significant role in shaping the future of the IT industry in India.


Initiatives towards Brand Positioning 
In order to strengthen its position in the market, Iris has prioritised: 

1. Partner-first Approach: Iris’ partners and their needs remain its top-most priority. It offers exceptional services, timely support, and personalized solutions. The company focuses on building long-term relationships with its partners and aim to consistently exceed their expectations. 

2. Product Portfolio: The organization plans to expand its product portfolio to include a wide range of high-quality and innovative products from reputable brands. Iris will ensure that it has a comprehensive offering that caters to the diverse needs of its partners. 

3. Strategic Marketing: Iris is also investing in a variety of digital marketing initiatives to reinforce the brand positioning and reach.  


Building Customer Centric Roadmap  

It is important to note that customer acceptance of digital transformation is an ongoing process, and organizations need to continuously evolve and innovate to meet changing customer expectations. Building trust, addressing security concerns, providing user-friendly interfaces, and demonstrating the value of digital solutions are key factors in driving customer acceptance. 

Customers are increasingly embracing digital channels for various activities such as shopping, banking, communication, and entertainment. The widespread use of smartphones and the internet has made digital interactions more accessible and convenient, leading to a higher acceptance of digital transformation. 

Iris believes that providing customers with genuine, pragmatic advice on which technologies they should adopt is the best way to help them transform without impacting their business. 


Strategic planning with a vision 
The four-pronged approach Iris has adopted to overcome obstacles and keep one step ahead of the competition is listed below: 

1. Enhance Value-Added Products & Services: Differentiate from competitors by offering value-added products and services that go beyond product distribution.  

2. Focus on Customer Experience: Prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional service, personalized experiences and efficient order fulfilment.  

3. Invest in Talent Development: Attract and retain skilled professionals who can navigate the evolving IT landscape. Encourage innovation and creativity within the workforce. 

4. Expand into New Markets or Verticals: Explore opportunities to diversify the customer base by entering new markets or verticals. Identify emerging industries with high growth potential and tailor product offerings and services to meet their specific needs. 

Optimising challenges as opportunities  
One way the company contributes, is by training its teams in emerging technologies such as Storage and AI. By equipping its teams with the necessary knowledge and expertise, it can guide enterprises to adopt and implement these technologies more effectively. 
Additionally, as a distributor, Iris already offers storage products that provide four times the data storage capacity compared to their actual specifications. This capability allows enterprises to optimize their storage infrastructure, maximizing their data storage potential while minimizing costs.  
By combining its training initiatives in Storage and AI with its advanced storage solutions, Iris aims to address two critical challenges faced by enterprises in the IT business. Firstly, it empowers them to harness the power of AI and utilize their large datasets more intelligently. Secondly, its storage solutions offer enhanced capacity, providing businesses with scalable and efficient storage options.

 In conclusion, as an IT distributor, Iris is committed to supporting enterprises in overcoming the challenges they face in the IT business. 

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