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Savex investing to secure data, not only technologically but also financially


Savex investing to secure data, not only technologically but also financially

Raunak Jagasia 
Director Enterprise Business and Alliance
Savex Technologies


Digital Transformation Agenda
The pandemic has completely changed the way organizations used to work. The biggest challenge during the pandemic was business continuity and delivering secure remote work solutions. Many organizations are struggling to cope up with business challenges. Today, Savex is witnessing digital transformation in several areas of the organization. With a very basic secure remote working model, to detailed analytics at a variety of its operational levels, or even usage of RPA, a host of cloud based secure services, B2B or B2C commerce models, cloud marketplace, many improvements in the payment collection and financing models too, Savex is seeing a lot of transformations happening within the organization.

Tech-Savvy Industries
India is viewing prolific investments from many companies in the data center space. Penetration of Cloud based IAAS and SAAS services are bound to grow at a higher pace. Hybrid Infra solutions will continue to evolve at a faster pace. As WFH is here to stay, adoptions of various collaboration tools both in hardware and software space would see large penetrations.

Large enterprises are constantly upgrading their IT infrastructure which means the newer technologies and new products will continue to get adopted at a reasonable pace. WFH is becoming a norm so all digital tools to support infra services including business applications on cloud and continuous adaptation of collaboration tools will continue to gain momentum , whilst  spend on security will continue to thrive.

Virtualization, Storage, Hybrid infrastructure will continue to be at the centre stage of CTO’s mindspace. Indian Channel partners need to invest more in managed services play and also look at building skills in cloud areas both on selling and implementation front. They must also look at new emerging technologies to create niche play, such as in Process Automation or VR or in IOT services etc.

Adoption of Digital Best Practices
Remote work has its own merits and demerits. Indeed to some extent it has disrupted employment but on the contrary, in many cases it has given rise to entrepreneurship. It is said that all difficult situations are the genesis of creativity. The only required thing is, organizations should be promoting and allowing entrepreneurial ideas and be open to change.
Savex promotes this culture while constantly embracing CHANGE, which the company believes is the only thing which remains constant. Savex is the fastest growing organization with many facets. The company is also investing to secure data, not only technologically but also financially (pricing, and uniform pricing across all cloud regions).

The continuous innovation on the software stack which helps productivity, boost efficiency and make the network run seamlessly is a must have for any organization going forward as most companies will be competing in the quality of their digital infrastructure.

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