The demand for touch-less services are on huge demand


The demand for touch-less services are on huge demand

Leading corporates had shifted their business strategy , Salesforce announced the cancellation of all in-person events for the rest of 2020, moving most of them to the virtual format. Microsoft announced that most of its internal and external in-person events will move to digital. In-person events that don’t move to digital will be cancelled outright. You will expect to see many more announcements and invitations to virtual events. With virtual events being the talk of the town right now.


# Deploy Voice-based commands in processes:

# Embed Machine vision interfaces and facial recognitions in as many business processes.

# Use Software to recognize gestures across industries and applications to limit the amount of physical contact.

# Increase use of Robots and drones in supply chain, manufacturing and services processes.

# Accelerate use of 3D printing for key components and appliances as needed

# Multiskilling of workforce

# Monitor Work and work force using IoT and Big Data


The world of events has seemingly gone virtual and many corporates have adopted virtual events strategy . Recent announcements from prominent brands signal that the run in virtual events may continue for quite a bit longer. Now a question is on how to keep the brand value on top?


Since, there are no events, no round table, No Newspaper advtg. and also no advtg. in the trade Magazines. Vendors need their foot prints to present in all best possible Digital medium with Go Digital strategy for the time being, else they would be again back benchers if the digital strategy is not well placed.

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