Optimize and automate modern data centres


Optimize and automate modern data centres

The demand for data center agility has never been greater. India's potential as a data centre hub, the government is working to roll out an ambitious incentive scheme worth up to Rs 12,000 crore to attract investments. With an exploding volume of data that is transmitted, processed, stored and managed and faster turnaround times demanded by businesses in this era of Internet of Everything, organizations are under tremendous pressure to keep the datacenter agile and ensure that the infrastructure remains optimized throughout its entire life cycle.


In a world that values speed, data centers can become a huge competitive advantage for businesses in the automated world. Automation is the bedrock upon which organisations are focusing to increase network agility and reliability while controlling OpEx and CapEx. Besides lowering costs, it will also free your staff to do more strategic work, making them more proactive than reactive.


As per the estimates of JLL, India’s data centre could double to over 1,000 megawatts by 2023. Data center automation enables automating the servers, network and other data center management tasks like scheduling, monitoring, configuring, patching, updating and reporting. From a hardware standpoint, intelligent power distribution units and KVM-over-IP solutions enable automatic and remote control of the data center.


The use of Integrated Systems and Hyperconverged Infrastructures will continue to rise. Integrated Systems increase IT agility and speed to deployment by delivering infrastructure services via automated, near-real-time allocation/reallocation of pooled resources. Data centers are increasingly adopting Integrated Systems for optimized time to production, cost savings and simplified operations, with this we have seen the growth of cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service market in India will exceed $2.1 billion in end user spending, nearly three times that of traditional data center outsourcing in India.


As modern data centers become an important part of a company’s customer experience strategy, automation can help businesses achieve customer needs holistically and in real time.


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