Array Networks striking a balance between its brand and the customer needs


Array Networks striking a balance between its brand and the customer needs

Shibu Paul
Vice President – International Sales
Array Networks



Brand Projections 2019

Business Intelligence has helped Array Networks optimize its work and focus on productive trends. Its strategy is to offer compelling hyper converged solutions in the area of Networking and Security including ADC, WAF, WVS, DDoS, IPS, and NGFW. It competes to accommodate customers’ existing solutions and show clear and quantifiable performance improvement over Array’s hyper converged AVX platform.

With the help of its dedicated channel ecosystem, Array Networks is focused on developing a skilled pool of resources. It has gained a competitive edge in terms of clear and quantifiable cost advantage through customizing its customer needs.


Transforming Customer Journey

Array Networks believes in delivering experience above customer’s expectation. Its focus will be on customization rather than just offering standard products, for which Array Networks has set up Array Center for Technology and Innovation (ACTI) in Bangalore. ACTI features state-of-the-art technology and has a fully equipped customer training center capable of providing enhanced support to local and global customers.

Array Network’s monitoring and reporting system (MARS) provides unique insights that allow network administrators to quickly spot potential problems and quickly remediate threats to ensure performance and user experience.

The company always tries to strike a balance between its brand needs and the needs of its customers. By aligning its products and solutions with that of the customer’s needs, Array Networks is able to empower its customers to influence the evolution of products through customization.


Action Plan

Array Networks in 2019 aims to launch very unique differentiated solutions in the market which exceeds its customer requirements by focusing on customization, engineering & R&D strengths. It strives to offer delightful service and support to its customers.

On the Channel front, the focal point will be to engage with highly skilled selected partners who can evangelize customers. The purpose is to improve the channel efficiency and effectiveness by hands on training.

Array’s AVX Series Network Functions Platforms bring consolidation, convenience and workflow enhancement to networking and security and provides deep visibility to the application access and anomaly usage.


New Tech vis-á-vis R&D

Array is focusing on utilizing hyper convergence in Networking and application security and visibility. Its hyper converged platform helps customers to consolidate multiple stand-alone networking functions with guaranteed performance. Array Networks wants to invest in technologies that will allow the company to provide additional value in terms of security and application enablement.

Array Networks is also investing in its R&D team for local customization and better turnaround times. ACTI provides timely feedback and first-hand insights needed for its engineering team to maintain high standards and drive profitable growth momentum.


Name of the Founder : Lawrence Lu
Headquarter                : Milpitas, California
Year of inception        : 2000
Interesting Facts :
• Array Networks to invest $20m in Research Lab, Design in India
• With 40% YoY growth, Array Networks India is the fastest growing entity globally
• Array Networks moves to second position in the ADC market in India
• Array contributes to Smart Cities mission, with 15 cities and still counting
The path-breaking products/solutions from last FY :
• Tolly Group testing shows significant performance improvements for WAF and NGFW Virtual Appliances running on Array Networks AVX
• Array Networks launches Monitoring and Reporting System (MARS) for transforming Application Data into Actionable Intelligence
• Array AVX Network Functions Platforms earn ICSA Labs Security Certification


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