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Is your security team prepared for the next cyber-attack? Are your security tools effective against threats, and are able to detect and stop attacks quickly?



The cost of a data breach is daunting enough, but security professionals also face frequent cyberattacks. Of the companies surveyed for a Keysight research report on Security Operations Effectiveness, 75 percent were breached an average of once a year. 



Many security teams are not ready to handle the cyber risks that come with the drive toward digital transformation in all industries. The gap keeps growing between the cybersecurity demands of the digital ecosystem and the expertise available to combat new and existing threats. That leaves organizations vulnerable, from government and defense to banking and finance to enterprise. And the consequences of a cyber incident go beyond financial losses — they extend to failures in operations and compliance, damage to reputation, and loss of customers and revenue for years to come. How do you ensure that your security team is trained and prepared to effectively detect and manage the complexities of an actual cyber incident? 



Security leaders must also ensure that their organization has the right defenses in place to block attacks and swiftly identify and mitigate potential risks. This is what warrants the large investments in cybersecurity tools. Yet how do you ensure that the tools you have invested in continue to provide the necessary protection, knowing that others who’ve been breached had the same tools? How can you become more proactive about your cybersecurity posture by identifying risks in advance? 



Keysight’s cyber range solution:
Gain hands-on cyber skills and test the organization’s security posture in a controlled environment
The Keysight cyber range solution provides a realistic environment to test your organization’s security posture. Realistic training and exercises are the most cost-effective way to transfer key cyber skills to security professionals, and to hone the security team’s ability to detect and contain an attack. Our solution comes with a library of predefined threat and event scenarios that cover a wide range of cyber security topics and techniques. We can also work with you to build customized cyber exercises in a controlled environment that replicates your company’s network.



•    Controlled cyber range environment: Prepare security teams for cyber-attacks with dynamic, hands-on practice in a safe environment. 
•    Realistic cyber range platform: Customize the scalable Cyber Security Operations platform to suit different architectures and organizational requirements. 
•    Security-tool agnostic: Integrate tools from your preferred vendors into the cyber range 
•    Multitenant architecture: Allows users to train on multiple technologies simultaneously, reducing the overhead of costly classroom training. 
•    Capture the Flag (CTF) exercises: Sharpen your team’s cybersecurity skills in a competitive space.
•    Library of threat and event scenarios: Cover several predefined scenarios with a wide range of cyber security topics and techniques.
•    Customizable scenarios: Build your own custom scenarios on the cyber range platform, or Keysight can help you create complex scenarios to meet your unique requirements.



Threat Simulator:
Hack yourself before others do with safe breach and attack simulation (BAS)  



To ensure a strong defense, organizations need to embrace an offensive approach that employ up-to-date threat intelligence to continuously verify their organization-wide security controls are working as expected and are optimized for maximum protection. With Keysight’s Threat Simulator, organizations can measure their security posture, gain insights into the effectiveness of their security tools and obtain actionable remediation steps to improve it.
•    Simulate attacks safely on your live network, measure and optimize SecOps spend, while continuously monitoring your security posture. 
•    Support Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise deployment options.
•    Utilize over two decades of network security testing expertise, supported by the Keysight Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) research center.
•    Validate security controls against a library of 50,000+ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) with direct mapping to MITRE ATT&CK.
•    Identify and rectify misconfigurations and gaps through real-time SIEM correlations and vendor-specific recommendations.
•    Measure network, email, and endpoint security posture.
•    Detect and remediate environmental and configuration drift.
•    Save money by maximizing existing security controls and processes before purchasing new tools.
•    Also available through managed security service providers (MSSPs).


“Keysight’s application and threat intelligence (ATI) is harnessed by our test solutions, including BreakingPoint, IxLoad, IxChariot, and IxNetwork, used by the world’s largest network equipment vendors and service providers to test their networks and technology. ATI also provides data to Keysight’s AppStack, which is integrated into our award-winning Vision series of network packet brokers (NPBs).” 


Sudhir Thangri
VP & GM - Keysight India


“Today’s network and security teams just don’t know how effective their security solutions are on a continuous basis. Security breaches aren’t always caused by a lack of capable products, they are due to misconfigurations or a lack of security skills. With the risk and cost of cybercrime increasing, now is the time to help our customers move to a more mature security posture to be able to respond to vulnerabilities”.  


Scott Register
VP - Keysight Technologies 


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