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Growing cyberattacks is a raising concern ,it’s time to evaluate cloud-first strategy


Growing cyberattacks is a raising concern ,it’s time to evaluate cloud-first strategy

The pandemic has completely changed the way people approach remote work, and businesses have had to accommodate this new landscape. Millennials want to grow their business network, however, it is increasingly important for business leaders to understand how to communicate and connect with this age group. It is critical in times like these to ensure continuity of operations and a smooth recovery process even if it means working remotely. 

Today, more than ever, the cloud is a partner to businesses enabling them to function by relying less on local conditions and more on remote working. This should come as no surprise – With the increased popularity of the cloud, cyber-attacks have followed in its wake.

There is a shocking news has just arrived, there is  200% increase in cyber incidents in last two months, but there is no evidence that the cases increased due to the tensions between India and China. Chief information security officer in the Prime Minister's Office Gulshan Rai said people are "mindlessly" downloading unverified applications which may lack security features. 

There is no doubt on China is a world leader in manufacturing and everyone buys from the country knowing that they are vulnerable. Hence, there is a need to take steps to check on the misuse or the misfunctioning of the Chinese systems and there are ways and means to do that,” he further said, In order to reduce incidents of fraud in banking, he suggested a method where the receiver of funds from online transfers is not able to withdraw the money for an hour.

Covid-19 is one of the biggest disaster mankind has ever faced in recent times, bringing disruption to the human life worldwide. With no vaccine or treatment currently in place, containment & social distancing has become the only solution to prevent the spread of highly contagious virus.

Millions of people around the world are leaving themselves vulnerable to hackers by choosing weak passwords, with one in every 142 picking '123456', according to an analysis of breached credentials. While banks, retailers and others experiment with alternative security methods such as fingerprints and behavioural biometrics, passwords still dominate the online world. The weak password can make it easy for an attacker to break into the network. There is a unprecedented changes by bringing newer and disruptive technologies ,A survey says, $6 trillion annual cost of damages due to global cybercrime by 2021.

Many groups around the world are trying to find a vaccine for preventing the novel Coronavirus infection. But even by the most generous of estimates, it will still take a year to two for the vaccine to be available for mass consumption. 

Another fact has come out that, the Medical group practices of all sizes and specialties have felt the direct and indirect financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether treating patients on the front lines or facing a massive decrease in patient volume, practices are struggling to stay afloat – and many fear that this is only the beginning. In addition to the decrease in volume and revenue, there are increases in expenses related to COVID and secondly, with in-person visits down, social distancing measures in effect, and no current COVID-19 vaccine, providers are leveraging new digital tools to survive. Telehealth has allowed providers to continue to see and connect with patients through virtual consults. 

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