New Capabilities For Testing Facebook Metaverse And Virtual Reality Experiences


New Capabilities For Testing Facebook Metaverse And Virtual Reality Experiences

 UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a leader in video-based human insight, today released new templates for its Human Insight Platform that enable companies to obtain fast, opt-in feedback from any metaverse or virtual reality (VR) user, including those using Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.). See what the templates can do.


“The metaverse is an entirely new product experience for companies and users alike,” said Andy MacMillan, CEO for UserTesting. “Our new templates can help any organization get rapid, opt-in feedback from real users on how their products and services show up in Meta’s Horizon Worlds (or any metaverse), what those users value in those experiences, and how those users prefer and expect to transact in this emerging environment. With that critical information, companies — including traditional physical goods companies like shoe and apparel brands that are just starting to expand into the metaverse — can more quickly and easily create the best, most immersive user experiences.”


Inspiration and pre-built testing templates for gathering feedback for more use cases, from more people Designed by research experts, UserTesting templates provide out-of-the-box sample questions that can be used as-is or customized to fit an organization’s exact testing requirements. 


UserTesting’s new metaverse and VR templates enable companies building games, products, and other metaverse/VR experiences to obtain rapid user feedback in the form of Customer Experience Narratives (CxNs)™ — video recordings of actual users that have opted in to share their perspectives and experiences as they execute a pre-built series of tasks and instructions online. These CxNs let organizations firsthand:


understand what target audiences want and expect from a VR app/metaverse experience;

witness a target audience’s first impressions and reactions to the environments, characters, and other app elements featured in early VR/metaverse concepts;

see and hear what target audiences really think while they engage with a live VR app/metaverse; and

find out if the store listing they created for their VR app/metaverse resonates with target audiences.


With the addition of these new VR/metaverse templates, UserTesting’s Human Insight Platform now features more than 100 pre-built testing templates organizations can use to inspire and jumpstart their testing efforts.


UserTesting also today released several new and expanded features designed to help organizations more easily reach new audiences and develop new use cases, and better optimize their use of the UserTesting platform.


Ability to tap into important insights from new audiences
UserTesting’s Invite Network feature lets organizations capture perspectives and experiences from their own network of contacts by simply sharing with them a link to a user test. This new product release streamlines the Invite Network feedback process even more with a seamless recorder that enables organizations to quickly and easily solicit input from anyone — e.g., employees, customers/clients, prospects, partners — on any browser, without installing any software. As a result, organizations can, for instance, more easily conduct live intercept testing and gather fast feedback by adding a custom link to internal communication channels, emails, chatbots, and in-app messaging.

“It’s hard to prioritize quantitative insights because the process is time-consuming. But everyone at our organization still needs to know what users want and feel,” said B. Sanborn, design research leader/principal at DLR Group. “UserTesting has enabled us to incorporate client feedback into our process. Invite Network saves us much time, and now, with the addition of the seamless recorder, we can reach even more stakeholders — making it so easy for them to participate [in our tests] and give their perspectives.”


New template filtering and categorization

UserTesting added powerful new categorization capabilities to its in-platform Template Gallery that enable users to filter templates according to criteria like test methodology, project phase (i.e., discover needs, validate/refine ideas, engage audience, optimize website/conversions, etc.), job role, or asset type, so they can better align testing efforts to broader organizational business goals.


Improved usage monitoring and optimization

A new Usage and History dashboard helps customers on UserTesting’s new Flex model pricing plan better track, monitor, and manage UserTesting usage across their organizations via increased visibility into factors like overall testing capacity and usage by team member or workspace.


“The innovations we’re announcing today simplify and expedite how different departments across an organization can gather rich customer insights while making it easier for them to reach new testing audiences,” said Kaj van de Loo, CTO at UserTesting. “All of it is immensely important in today’s world of continually changing customer attitudes and behaviors because only companies that deeply understand how their customers really think and feel can deliver the products, apps, and services that win customers and retain their loyalty.”


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