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HPE’s transformation into an edge-to-cloud company is its unique proposition


HPE’s transformation into an edge-to-cloud company is its unique proposition

Som Satsangi 
Senior Vice President and Managing Director – India, HPE


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is driving towards one customer experience, delivered through one integrated platform. The transformation of the HPE portfolio to deliver everything as-a-service is a strategy that CEO Antonio Neri announced in 2019 to simplify the experience for customers. To accelerate this strategy, HPE will consolidate its portfolio under the Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HPE GreenLake brands, to make it easier for customers to confidently choose the solution that best meets their needs.  

HPE has organized its portfolio to be ‘easy to mind’ and ‘easy to buy’, supported by a descriptive naming strategy. Being ‘easy to mind’ means the buyer/customer can recall HPE as an option when they come to market. Being ‘easy to buy’ means customers can find the right products for them, know what works or integrates with what, what can be added on, and their natural upgrades paths.  

HPE’s strategy is to drive its brand by being relevant, differentiated and credible to its customers and making it easier for them to understand which products and services from the portfolio are right for them. Moving forward, HPE will continue to anticipate what comes next for its customers and invest in innovation to address their data-first modernization needs, with an unmatched set of edge-to-cloud solutions.  


According to a report by Nasscom and global consulting firm McKinsey, India’s technology services industry has the potential to generate $300-350 billion in annual revenue by 2025 by capitalizing on rapidly emerging business opportunities in cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies. HPE has been a strong partner in providing IT solutions to large enterprises in India for more than a decade. Its top 100 customers have been with HPE for between 15-20 years, as they all understand that HPE is an edge-to-cloud company, and is always ahead of the curve while offering innovative solutions to the enterprises.    The HPE GreenLake platform has brought a differentiated kind of offerings to its customers where they can get a cloud like experience on-premise. Today, HPE offers compute, security, SAP HANA, backup, and storage – ‘as-a-service’ model and has opened a lot of opportunities for HPE in the SMB and mid-market. HPE’s Bangalore R&D center is leading the contributions in many areas as part of this transformation. 


Customers have started prioritizing their data-first digital transformations and hybrid cloud solutions. As customers continue to accelerate their digital transformations, HPE wants them to continue to place their trust in the brand and increasingly turn to HPE to deliver the solutions, services, and expertise that solve their business-critical technology challenges.  

HPE also sees a huge opportunity to continue to help organizations unlock the value of data to solve some of the biggest issues facing society. With early investments across people, process and technology, HPE is on this continuous journey to delight customers and in turn help them to deliver their business goals.



HPE is investing in AI/ML, cloud computing and 5G, while also working on developing software for storage arrays in the cloud. Differentiated HPE storage services using AI/ML technologies is a breakthrough work that HPE does from India. The HPE Aruba team offers a portfolio of products that enables mobility-centric networks as well as security, and network management services that can operate at scale. In addition, HPE has an Advanced Development Center in India that is doing a lot of work in emerging areas like AI/ML blockchain, and things like memory-driven computing, in collaboration with Hewlett Packard labs global. 

HPE is no longer just an infrastructure company that sells computing and storage and networking. It has now transformed into an edge-to-cloud company.  


Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. As a result, Enterprise technologists are looking to adopt cloud and new technologies to grow their business. HPE has a unique positioning as it brings the cloud to enterprises, enabling them to complete their hybrid cloud strategy. The company’s marketing is focused on answering their questions to help them find what is right for them.

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