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HPE Aruba Networking bridging the physical and digital worlds by building modern enterprise networks


HPE Aruba Networking bridging the physical and digital worlds by building modern enterprise networks

Suryanarayan CS
 Country Manager - Product Category and Channel  - HPE Aruba Networking, India 



The information technology industry is a critical component of the 21st century’s technology-driven knowledge economy. The backbone of any agile business in today’s digital-first environment is network connectivity that is reliable and secure enough to support the workloads of enterprises.  

HPE Aruba Networking believes that a more innovative, agile, optimized network will be both business and IT leaders’ secret weapon to staying competitively ahead of the curve. One of the key priorities for Aruba is to extend software defined architecture beyond wired and wireless to wide-area network (WAN) and deploying secure service edge solutions.  

Hence, the next generation data center architectures are driven by the compliance, regulatory and latency framework. HPE Aruba has the best architecture and solution to support its customers in achieving their business outcomes. Its mantra is when people move, networks must follow, and so should   security.  
Being ready with “Network with sixth sense”, HPE Aruba Networking is ready for autonomous networks. From “Reactive to Proactive, Proactive to Predictive, Predictive to Autonomous”, the company is constantly transforming to fit the needs of its customers.  

HPE Aruba Networking has become a leading customer choice for innovative, AI-powered, secure connectivity in campus and branch, and most recently, in the data center. From the enterprise to hospitals, schools and smart cities, Aruba enables personalized, timely and connected experiences to be created for customers and employees.  


Customers, now more than ever, are focused on innovations that help them to achieve their critical business objectives. Customer First, Customer last has been the mantra since inception. HPE Aruba Networking delivers comprehensive technology solutions that address customers’ business problems/challenges.  

HPE Aruba Networking has recognized that each organization has unique needs and is at the forefront of reinventing how customers and partners can consume or deliver more business-outcome focused networking. Hence, it will continue to advance its mature portfolio in the areas of AI, security, automation and Network as a Service (NaaS). 


Technology continues to be a primary catalyst for change in the world.  While it remains difficult to predict how technology trends will play out, Agile Network as a service (NaaS) is one of the three pillars HPE Aruba Networking will focus on in the coming year with respect to R&D. HPE Aruba Networking is also introducing its Agile NaaS framework, designed to make on-demand networking easier for partners to sell and end-user customers to consume.  
The other focus area will be HPE GreenLake offerings and its portfolio of network and security hardware and software options as a service - Wi-Fi, switching, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), dynamic circuit network, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and private 5G - which will continue to grow. 

Earlier this year, HPE Aruba Networking introduced product innovations to help enterprise IT teams simplify network management processes and improve operational agility with the next generation of HPE Aruba Networking Central, a cloud-native network management solution. It also announced Network-as-a-service (NaaS) capabilities for customers and channel partners to acquire, deploy, and manage on the HPE GreenLake platform with a monthly subscription.  
HPE also recently announced two acquisitions to expand the HPE Aruba Networking portfolio - Athonet for Private 5G connectivity and Axis Security for comprehensive SASE security solutions. The incorporation of Athonet’s technology will allow HPE to deliver private networking capabilities directly to enterprises as part of HPE’s Aruba networking portfolio, while also enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to quickly deploy private 5G networks for their customers. 

With the acquisition of Axis Security, a provider of security service edge (SSE), HPE Aruba Networking now has the ability to provide single-vendor SASE services when combined with its SD-WAN.  

HPE Aruba Networking has become a go-to brand for networking and network engineers across the globe. The proof is in the numbers and brands that choose this brand. It serves every vertical with its global GTM reach, serving many enterprises and small & mid-size businesses alike.

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