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No road block for the cyber espionage cases


No road block for the cyber espionage cases

The personal mobility devices market is projected to grow in lips and bounds and the number of smartphone users in the world is 3.5 Billion, which translates to 45.04% of the world’s population owning a smartphone. In total, the number of people that own a smart and feature phone is 4.78 Billion, making up 61.51% of the world’s population. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined contours of business continuity to lead us to the era of 'digiwork'. The demands placed on digital infrastructure has soared drastically. Higher dependence on digital devices for the remote employees to stay connected to each other and with this the company’s data has led to unprecedented exposure. Businesses are relying on digital services to maintain the supply chain for essentials, while minimizing social contact. Organisations are turning to chat, phones, email and telemedicine portals for remote counselling, health check-ups and diagnoses of employees. 


Increasing adoption of technology is shaping up an organization’s digital transformation journey . At the same time the threat from cybercrime is increasing, targeting citizens, businesses and governments at a rapidly growing rate and there is an organised group , Hack-for-hire group try to capture the market by using malware, remote-access-trojans and exploit kits – phishing being among the most popular tools. Such phishing techniques are not always sophisticated - but when an organisation is specifically targeted, they become more advanced, impersonating colleagues, family members and more. What you need is a universal solution to detect and block such suspicious activities.


2FA (two-factor authentication) is a great protection measure, especially its modern versions, like U2F (Universal 2nd Factor). But whatever your situation is, you should always stay alert and try to distinguish phishing emails – granted, it could be hard for a person without special training.


The combination of AI and investments into cloud computing and related technologies translates to help customers modernise their businesses with digital transformation where the customer will reshape its data organisation and data structure to bring it to the next generation of data applications for business.


The scale of cybercriminal activity represents a considerable challenge to law enforcement agencies and the total cost of cybercrime to society is significant. Everyone agrees cybercrime affects everyone—governments, corporations, the public—but to what extent? And while vast sums are spent on security to protect against the evildoers, why is it so difficult to determine the amount of the damage they have done? 


The reason could be, the prosecution is extremely difficult in cases of cybercrime, as there's no universal legal platform, no law for prosecuting international cybercrimes. What's illegal in US is not necessarily illegal in India, Singapore or Switzerland. In this case, the group has attacked a lot of targets at a variety of levels - individuals, companies, even government officials. It can only resolve when the world will work together on various geo-political issues, buts seems a tough journey.

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