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Technology has been at the forefront of evolution propelling to ease life


Technology has been at the forefront of evolution propelling to ease life

Navaneethan M, Sr. VP & CISO, Tata Play


Technology blueprint for year ahead
Apart from cost vs benefits analysis, we always look at continuous improvement and build state-of-the-art technology as it is the need of the hour to sustain in a tech competitive world and to provide world-class service to customers.


Latest technologies influencing growth
The latest technologies that are influencing growth are:

• Generative AI                            
• Cloud Technology
• Live Streaming and Over-the-Top (OTT) Platforms        
• Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
• Blockchain                          
• High Dynamic Range (HDR)
• Cloud security                        
• Data Leakage Prevention


Fortifying organization from cyber threats
We follow a multi-layer defence mechanism to protect the organization and customer’s assets. Cybersecurity is an ongoing effort, and we continually adapt security measures to keep pace with evolving threats and technologies.

We have 360-degree view of Preventive and defensive mechanism of
• Cybersecurity                      
 • Application security
• Identity and Access Management              
• Vendor Risk Management
• Data Governance                      
• Robust Authentication
• Regular Updates on the patches              
• Secured Configuration
• Zero Trust Network Architecture                
• Continuous cyber security awareness
• Encryption and Data Protection              
• Continuous and consistent Monitoring


Digital technologies aiding to win customer trust
To win customer trust, Tata Play follows:
• Consistent on innovation    
• Affordable to all set of customers    
• Quality at right pace
• Continuous Improvement    
• Accuracy and Reliability

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