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OPPO unleashes F23 5G with 5000mAh battery


OPPO unleashes F23 5G with 5000mAh battery

OPPO announces the launch of its latest smartphone F23 5G. The device will be available at INR 24,999, from May 18, 2023 through the OPPO Store, on Amazon, and at mainline retail outlets. 


The handset features OPPO's proprietary 67W SUPERVOOCTM flash charging that juices the device to 50% in just 18 minutes, while a 5-minute charge can provide up to 6 hours of phone calls or 2.5 hours of YouTube video viewing. On a full charge, its 5000mAh battery lasts up to 39 hours of phone calls and 16 hours of YouTube video viewing. 


Also, OPPO's Battery Health Engine ensures that the device can be charged-discharged 1600 times, which means the F23 5G will perform at close to optimal capacity for up to four years. 


Damyant Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer, OPPO, said, "At OPPO, we understand that nomophobia, or the fear of being without a mobile phone or being unable to use it, is a real concern for many smartphone users. With the OPPO F23 5G, we're proud to offer innovative technologies like Battery Health Engine and SuperVOOC fast charging, which provides reliable and convenient battery performance for a seamless experience. So, you can focus on enjoying the things you love to do with your phone without worrying about its battery life." 


Additionally, OPPO focuses on battery reliability and safety with features like all-day AI power-saving mode, super night-time standby, and 5-layer charging protection that comprises adaptor overload protection, flash charge condition identification protection, charging port overload protection, battery current/voltage overload protection, and battery fuse protection. 


Power-packed Smooth experience 

The F23 5G phone is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G SoC and comes with 256GB storage that can accommodate 80 full-length movies, over 1,00,000 images, or 40,000+ songs, making it ideal for individuals on the go; the device also supports expandable memory up to 1TB via SD card. And its 8GB RAM can be extended by a further 8GB from storage via OPPO's RAM expansion technology. 


The F23 5G runs on ColorOS 13.1, which enhances privacy and performance with features like screen translate that allows to point the camera at a script for instant AI-based translation, auto pixelate user photos in messaging apps, and a private safe to secure all sensitive documents and photos. 


Unparalleled smartphone photography experience 

The OPPO F23 5G sports an advanced camera setup--a 64MP AI shooter, a 2MP depth camera, a 2MP microlens, and a 32MP selfie snapper--backed by proprietary features such as Portrait Mode, AI Portrait Retouching, Selfie HDR, and AI Color Portrait to deliver stunning, high-quality images in all situations. 


An Ergonomic yet durable design 

For premium looks, the F23 5G sports OPPO Glow, which comprises millions of nano-level etchings on the back to resemble microscopic diamonds; its 3D curved back is fingerprint resistant and has a slight curve on each edge to make it more comfortable to grip. 


The device has undergone the most rigorous durability tests in the lab to assess its resistance to physical drops, water damage, radiation, climate impact, and signal stability.


Keeping users engaged with a bright display 

The OPPO F23 5G is fronted by a bright 6.72-inch large display that is legible even in direct sunlight and supports an Ultra-High Refresh Rate of 120Hz to deliver a smooth user experience. It boasts a 3D curved screen with a 91.4% screen-to-body ratio that maximises the display size while minimising bezels. 


OPPO F23 5G will be available in two colours- Bold Gold and Cool Black from 18th May.

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