Centre to provide free COVID-19 vaccines to states for all 18+ from June 21


Centre to provide free COVID-19 vaccines to states for all 18+ from June 21

PM Narendra Modi on Monday announced that the Union Government will take over 25% of the COVID-19 vaccination work being handled by the state governments. The system will come into force in two weeks. Centre will buy 75% of the vaccine production and supply it to states for free for all above 18 years of age from June 21.


PM Modi added that 25 per cent work being done by states related to COVID-19 vaccination will now be handled by the Central government. This means that going forward there would only be a centralised vaccine drive managed by the Central government. The Centre will procure COVID-19 vaccine from manufacturers and give them to the states for free.


"Today, it has been decided that 25% of vaccination work being done by states will now be handled by Central government. This system will be implemented in the next two weeks," the Prime Minister said.


"Both State and Centre will work as per new guidelines in the coming two weeks," explained PM Modi.


"Government of India will buy 75% of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by vaccine manufacturers and will give these to the states free of cost," added the Prime Minister. "This means, that states would not have to spend any money on procuring vaccines," he added. Till now, crores of citizens of India have received vaccines for free, now people above the age of 18 will also be added to this number," stated PM Modi.


PM Modi said private sector hospitals can continue to procure 25 per cent of vaccines, but their service charge would be capped at Rs 150 per dose over fixed price of the vaccine.


As several states take cautious steps towards unlocking and easing of restrictions with a decline in COVID-19 cases, the prime minister said vaccination is like a protection shield against the virus and asserted that vaccine supply would be increased significantly in India in coming days.


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