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Kaspersky securing the digital landscape by offering enhanced protection


Kaspersky securing the digital landscape by offering enhanced protection

Jaydeep Singh 
GM India, Kaspersky 


Kaspersky is a thought leader in cybersecurity that identifies threats by proactively looking for suspicious behaviour on endpoints and correlating events across multiple security layers. It helps businesses protect all their sensitive data against damage and block malware at the perimeter level.  


Kaspersky focuses on building a strong reputation for reliability, expertise, and trustworthiness in cybersecurity. It offers implementation services and a wide range of Maintenance & Support Agreements, including 24x7, with priority response. In addition, Kaspersky’s automated Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management leverages current information on vulnerabilities to assist it in applying the most recent security fixes for various widely used programmes. It prioritises combining performance and multi-layered protection to mitigate risk by blocking threats at endpoints. 


As a leading cybersecurity company, Kaspersky has been actively involved in shaping the future of the IT industry by promoting security solutions and addressing emerging challenges. Kaspersky has continuously developed and enhanced its cybersecurity products and services to protect individuals, businesses, and critical infrastructure from evolving cyber threats. By providing advanced threat intelligence, anti-malware solutions, network security, and endpoint protection, Kaspersky aims to secure the digital landscape. Through its Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), Kaspersky conducts in-depth research, collaborates with industry experts, and shares insights to raise awareness about cybersecurity risks.  


Kaspersky’s commitment to reliability, transparency, accountability, customer support, ethical practices, independent testing, and industry recognition contributes to winning the trust of its customers. The security brand’s B2B portfolio represents the security requirement of today’s enterprises, catering to the requirements of organisations of every size and at various stages of IT security maturity. Kaspersky offers specialised solutions driven by top-rated APT campaign discoveries from the Kaspersky GReAT team, with unmatched defensive capabilities delivered from a single console. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud delivers a data-driven solution for every organisation’s IT security needs. Kaspersky stops ransomware, fileless malware, zero-day assaults, and other new dangers, so businesses can continue operating normally. Thanks to its cloud-based strategy, Kaspersky users can work securely on any device and collaborate safely online, at work or home, from distant offices, and in the field.   
Kaspersky has opened Transparency Centers worldwide, allowing independent reviews of their source code and software integrity. This transparency initiative ensures customers that Kaspersky products operate as claimed and do not contain hidden vulnerabilities or backdoors. Kaspersky also participates in independent third-party testing and certifications. These evaluations provide objective assessments of its products’ performance and effectiveness. 


Kaspersky is a data-driven enterprise with its R&D resources being agile and flexible. It focuses mainly on developing data analysis and machine learning technologies for the company’s enterprise solutions. With around 1/3 of the workforce being R&D experts, Kaspersky constantly prioritises internal research and development and the natural evolution of its most popular and efficient technology products.  


Kaspersky offers solutions for infrastructure protection and security intelligence expertise used to implement the most sophisticated projects worldwide. Its focus on research, innovation, and expertise in addressing cyber threats has earned Kaspersky the recognition and trust among individuals and businesses globally. Kaspersky prioritises the user experience by providing user-friendly interfaces, easy-to-understand security reports, and responsive customer support. By putting users’ needs first and delivering excellent customer service, Kaspersky aims to build long-term relationships, reinforcing its brand distinction. Kaspersky’s Security Network (KSN) is a cloud-based service helping the company as a vendor to understand emerging threats better while offering its customers enhanced and more secure protection. Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) is renowned for its expertise in threat intelligence. They monitor and analyze emerging cyber threats worldwide, sharing their insights with the cybersecurity community, businesses, and governments. 

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