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CSCs enabling rural India digitally empowered  


CSCs enabling rural India digitally empowered  

Common Service Centres (CSC) 
Head of the organization – Sanjay Kumar Rakesh, Managing Director 


Common service centres (CSCs) are digital access points under the Digital India initiative of the government of India. CSCs are social enterprises with basic computing infrastructure, which are operated and managed by a local entrepreneur. There are about 5,10,240 CSCs functioning across the country as on April 2023. These entrepreneurs support the community in availing various government and non-Government services. Government, both at the Central and state levels, has utilised the CSC network for extending various citizen-centric services and also support in implementation of government programmes and schemes to citizens close to their places of residence. CSCs across the country have supported in enrolment of about 20 crore citizens for Aadhar, which is about 16 percent of the total Aadhar generated in the country. 

Key Priorities : CSC aims to provide G2C (Government to Citizen) and B2C (Business to Citizens) services to citizens within the reach of the citizen, by creating the physical service delivery ICT infrastructure. 

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