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Digital transformation is the Frontier for the wellbeing of the organization


Digital transformation is the Frontier for the wellbeing of the organization

Technology is changing at the speed of light and the pace of demand for new and advanced skills is equivalent to it. The gap between the demand and supply of skilled talent is not only rapidly widening but also leading to an upskilling crisis among professionals in the IT/ITeS sector. The entire IT/ITeS industry is in the midst of a massive transformation brought on by the advent of new technologies and global disruptions. Today, the world has changed the way we have lived so far and one of the biggest scourges for modern day businesses – small, mid or large – is the threat of disruption. There is much made out of disruption as a topic and reams of newsprint & TB of digital data has been consumed to amplify the disruption threat.

Disruption per se is a difficult topic given its contextual nature and specific to industry, organization and functional areas. Disruption manifests in uncertainty around how organizations understand challenges and what they should do to respond. There is no silver bullet for organizations to respond or navigate disruptive change.

Digital transformation should be focused on the holistic wellbeing of the organization, and its extended ecosystem. In an increasingly messaging cluttered world where businesses are clamoring for attention and ‘Born Digital’ Start-ups are redefining the rules of business, Organizations are forced to transform digitally before the market dynamics decimate their existence.


Going forward, the emergence of new channels of client engagement, shifting revenue streams, rapidly evolving consumption models & consequent business, calls for rapid transformation, as also an ecosystem of partners that enable outcomes and end to end experience journeys covering all key stake-holders.

Digital Transformation is integration of digital technology bringing in fundamental changes to know how your business functions and how you deliver value to your users. The most common measures are Customer Experience, Workplace Transformation, Cyber Security and Digital Ready Platforms. IT is ardent necessary to build a hybrid IT support model that underpins existing infrastructure whilst optimizing datacenter & network operations. The model offers them complete visibility of their IT operations in the form of granular monitoring, control and reporting, measured against set business outcomes.


Secondly, the use of automation created a radical shift from their existing, reactive IT operations management environment establishing a more focused, predictive and proactive environment. To stay ahead, companies must build incremental business value by leveraging on technological advancements and stay adaptive. At the same time they must explore new business models continuously as “anything is possible in the world of digital”. It is very much important, to keep the customers engaged – anytime, anywhere – with smarter experiences. A survey says, about 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. To exceed rising customer expectations, you need to digitally transform customer service to deliver a more unified experience.


Organizations all over the world have already begun their digital transformation journey to increase agility and speed for the entire organization. About 1.97 trillion dollars would be spent on technologies and services that enable digital transformation in 2022. Hence, improving customer experience has become a crucial goal of digital transformation.

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