Sandeep Jamdagni, Head – IT - Ashiana Housing Ltd.


Sandeep Jamdagni,   Head – IT - Ashiana Housing Ltd.

Ashiana focuses on increasing Cyber and Data Security hygiene in 2019


Redefined CIO role  
The CIO role is transforming from a pure techie profile to a C-suite executive, who understands business and its opportunities. These days board expect more from a CIO, not just cost saving or information technology hygiene, but also how technology can be aligned with business needs to have a competitive edge, what more revenue channels can be explored for business, how organisation can engage their customers more, how to target specific customer profiles and what are the new ways to understand and monitor customer’s buying behavior.



Innovations & ROI
Our company’s success mantra is to bring the smile of satisfaction on our customer’s face. To achieve this, lots of customer centric process and campaigns done like keeping track of quality and no compromise on delivery timelines. If customers can be kept engaged with us all the time, and provide everything as promised then we just need to build product as per customer needs, it will be a success.



Key Priorities
For 2019, Ashiana is focused on making 2x in all its activities like sales and revenue, construction and other services. IT team is more focused on increasing cyber and data security hygiene. Also, we will be working on digitization of more business processes, which will bring more efficiency in the system and help Ashiana in achieving its 2x goal for the year.


“Looking at the real-estate market, organisations that are proactive in adopting digital transformation will be having more success stories. We are redefining our support services to our customers, whether in presales campaigns or post sale/post delivery services. We are adopting new technologies for customer interaction and responding for sale call. New technology is adopted for building more secure residential complexes and providing maintenance service.” 

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