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WhatsApp to soon roll out account restriction feature


WhatsApp to soon roll out account restriction feature

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature which will offer users an account restriction feature. When an account undergoes restriction on WhatsApp, users will find themselves unable to initiate new chats for a designated period, serving as a temporary penalty for specific breaches.


However, users under restriction will still be able to receive messages and respond to them in existing chats and groups, so that important communication can be carried out. This feature is expected to be introduced in a future update of the app.


The account restriction feature is designed to combat abusive behaviour, spam-like activities, and other violations of WhatsApp's terms of service.


WhatsApp employs automated tools to identify abusive spam-like behaviour or automated bulk messaging, or other actions that infringe upon its terms of service. These tools identify suspicious behaviour based on factors like message frequency and the presence of automated scripts.


With the launch of this feature, WhatsApp might be able to warn scammers and other fraudsters to change their ways before imposing a complete ban. Currently, WhatsApp takes action by banning the accounts altogether, a move that greatly hampers the messaging experience.


With the accounts restriction feature, WhatsApp can address problematic behaviour without causing significant disruption to the messaging experience.

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