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iOS 18 is expected to be Apple's most significant release in years


iOS 18 is expected to be Apple's most significant release in years

Apple is reportedly halting development on iOS 18 in order to fix issues and inconsistencies in iOS 17. Despite the delay, iOS 18 is slated to be Apple's most important update in years, focusing on interface design and performance improvements. There are indications that Apple may combine AI developments, potentially delivering ChatGPT-like technology for users.


Apple is working on adding support for user-facing AI features as part of the iOS 18 update that is expected to arrive next year. The iPhone maker's competitors Google and Microsoft have already added AI-powered functionality to their products, while ChatGPT creator OpenAI has also introduced several AI features to its mobile apps. The development of AI features for Apple's apps and services could reportedly cost Apple around $1 billion (roughly Rs. 8,300 crore) over the next year.


 It is possible that Apple starts making a broad set of plans and showcases its interest in AI and how it plans to use the technology without compromising on the privacy of its users.


In the meanwhile, Apple is heavily invested in growing its M-series chips for Macs and iPads for which recently seen to announce the M3 series silicone with the new MacBook Pro models for buyers. It will be interesting to see how Apple trains its AI model without access to its user’s data and as seen with Siri over the years.

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