NEC Utilizes Digital Technologies to Create Healthcare and Life Science Business


NEC Utilizes Digital Technologies to Create Healthcare and Life Science Business

NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) announced an initiative to create healthcare and life science business that utilizes AI and other digital technologies as part of the "creation of future growth businesses" set forth in the 2025 Mid-term Management Plan. NEC will focus on the three areas of Medical Care, Lifestyle Support, and Life Science, aiming for a business value of 500 billion yen (approximately 4.5 billion USD) in 2030.


Three Areas of Focus and Future Vision

Currently, in the field of healthcare, in addition to the spread of new types of coronavirus, the growing number of people with lifestyle-related illnesses, such as certain forms of cancer, is now a common challenge worldwide. NEC has contributed to the efficiency and sophistication of medical services through the provision of reception systems(1) and electronic medical record systems for more than 50 years. Furthermore, NEC began full-scale entry into the drug discovery business in 2019 (2), with the aim of promoting innovative next-generation medical care based on the results of research activities to date. This new initiative aims to accelerate and expand the healthcare-related business more than ever before and to grow the business toward the creation of social value.

Specifically, NEC will expand business in the following three areas by taking advantage of its leading-edge biometrics technologies, "Bio-Idiom"(3), featuring the world's No. 1 face recognition accuracy(4), as well as its portfolio of leading artificial intelligence technologies, "NEC the WISE"(5), including video analytics and graph-based relationship learning developed by NEC laboratories.

The first area is the "Medical Care" business, featuring digital support for medical care; the second is "Lifestyle Support" business, which helps individuals in their daily lives; and the third is "Life Science" business, which supports personalized medical care with technology. Through these three areas of business, NEC aims to create a world in which individuals may live more freely and comfortably.

In addition, NEC will promote R&D with an eye toward 2030 and the needs of hospitals, nursing care, rehabilitation, and other situations. NEC will also launch the Healthcare and Life Sciences Project Management Office (PMO) to support the acceleration of business development across the NEC Group.

Furthermore, NEC will create new value in the healthcare and life sciences fields through co-creation with a wide range of external partners. In November, for example, NEC will launch NEC Expert Committee on Healthcare and Life Sciences, aiming to implement a future image of society with experts from a variety of positions and perspectives.

NEC aims to support society and the healthcare sciences field through the provision of services and products tailored to individuals, including both consumers and healthcare professionals.

(1) Reception system: System for preparing medical fee statements

(2) NEC's AI Drug Development Business

(3) About Bio-IDiom

(4) Since 2009, NEC has repeatedly been ranked first in the face recognition accuracy evaluation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

(5) NEC announces new AI technology brand, "NEC the WISE"


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