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InstaSafe’s growth has always been determined by its customers' absolute trust.


InstaSafe’s growth has always been determined by its customers' absolute trust.

Sandip Panda
Co-Founder & CEO, InstaSafe


With the epidemic, India became a major global market, and in the years 2021 and 2022, a massive technology-driven culture formed. As rapid digital transformation takes place, cybersecurity will be top most priority for IT leaders within the organization. Cyber security is no longer only considered as a technology risk rather than a business risk which needs to be managed proactively.

InstaSafe is uniquely positioned in the Zero Trust Access category within the cybersecurity space. InstaSafe is helping enterprises in managing secure access of enterprise applications and networks by remote workers and contractors, without the complexities of traditional legacy VPN which is no longer relevant for the modern workforce.

InstaSafe leverages its vast network of partners and distributor ecosystem to evangelize Zero Trust concept as it is still an evolving product category. InstaSafe focuses on omnichannel marketing to spread awareness across all social media platforms. 

Customer testimonials remain a key aspect of branding and InstaSafe leverages G2 and Gartner peer insights, a software review platform to invite its customers to provide their reviews and experience of the product. InstaSafe is recognized as a High Performer in G2 grid for ZTNA category.


India’s IT sector is growing at a rate unmatched by any other economy in the world. The Government of India’s liberalization initiatives, such as lowering trade barriers and eliminating import levies on technology products, as well as the rapid growth of the IT industry, have all aided in the creation of this enterprise.

The knowledge economy of the twenty-first century depends heavily on the information technology sector. In fact, India has been classified as a knowledge economy globally due to its great IT sector. The infrastructure needed to store, process, and exchange information for vital company functions and other organizations are also developed in part by this industry.
In the last 30 years, India has marked its name in the IT service industry sector giving rise to IT giants like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Mindtree, and more. In the last 10 years, India has also made significant strides in Software Product space and Fintech space. All international giants are investing heavily in the India IT sector. India is now building software products for the entire world.


InstaSafe has always grown because of its customers’ absolute trust in the brand. Its big-ticket home-grown accounts are mostly customer referral accounts, which shows that as a brand InstaSafe has done a great job to win the trust of its customers. InstaSafe’s products are not only trusted in India but it has happy clients across the globe.

InstaSafe understands that its product is a lifeline for its customers’ business operations. Its products are built ground up taking all considerations and requests from its customers. The InstaSafe team is very agile and responsive in terms of any support requirements. InstaSafe provides a better experience for all its customers during the entire customer lifecycle such as Pre-sales, Post-sales, Support, and Renewals. It considers customers as its extended InstaSafe family and strives to take great care of all its stakeholders.


InstaSafe is a 10 years old company working in the Zero Trust product category, which is one of the fastest growing product categories in the cybersecurity space. With the cybersecurity landscape rapidly changing with digital transformation, InstaSafe constantly works to stay ahead of the curve to provide new and innovative solutions to its customers. InstaSafe is a product driven company and product remains the core of its growth. The InstaSafe team is highly talented and its leadership team comes with vast experience in the cybersecurity industry. InstaSafe is a lean and agile team, and is committed to a great product for the world.


InstaSafe has marked its presence as the leading provider of Zero Trust Security along with other established brands. It takes a customer centric approach that makes the brand different. InstaSafe support, engineering and even leadership team is very much approachable to help customers at the time of need. It takes customer feedback and builds product features to help customers address business challenges. 

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