Preface - Mr. Deepak Kumar Sahu Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, VARINDIA


Preface - Mr. Deepak Kumar Sahu Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, VARINDIA

We are extremely delighted to unveil the Seventh edition of the Brand Book. The Brand Book speaks on how the brands positioned themselves in the over-crowded market place, by overcoming the challenges and differentiated the services offered. The Brand Book is a research-driven Book which provides a unique reference material on the ever growing Indian ICT sector, where the technology companies and technologists speak on their experience cell and chalk out annual strategies to reach out to the CXO community.

The Indian ICT industry is radically transforming the business landscape in various sectors and is an integral part to the success of the Digital India mission covering mobile broadband, broadcasting, digital wallets, big data & cloud, and IoT. Brand strategy, data and customer experience are the marketer’s new priorities in the industry. The fact is, your brand is the experience customers have when doing business with you. This includes the benefits you deliver, the promises you make, and how you follow up after delivering upon those promises.

The 7th edition of the Brand Book provides an extremely compact presentation of several brands, which are most useful branding concepts and best practices followed by the corporates on the essential principles of branding like their brand strategy, brand portfolios, and brand building in various spaces and verticals. This will also throw light on how a brand is successfully leveraged into the new markets and so on. Disruptive technologies also involve disruptive business models, which can undermine the advantages of incumbents.

In the Brand book we have taken utmost care to feature rightful recognition of companies which have made their presence strong to expand their business and services across the country and recognised them in two different categories – the Most Trusted Company and Most Admired Brands. The survey and related data modelling quantify consumer perceptions of product and services, preference and trust in after sales services, and the future of their connected lifestyles.

The government has undertaken several reforms for promoting inclusive growth, improving business climate, widening the tax base and addressing indigenous challenges for the Indian economy. It has undertaken more than 7,000 steps at the central and state-level, to simplify business
regime and attract foreign investments in the country. With this a new breed of young start-ups has clearly evolved to become the third largest base of technology start-ups in the world. As a result, customers have access to consistent information and receive delightful experiences along each step of the customer lifecycle and serves as a ready-reference tool on the leading players in the ICT sector. The Indian ICT marketplace is further going to experience very rapid diffusion of in the coming decade. There is no doubt that digital technology helps to open new doors to innovation. At the same time digital transformation is on top of the mind for the CXO in 2018.

We have published excerpts from the survey we conducted with 3000 CXOs in 10 different verticals in India, the facts of which are very interesting. From this issue we have added a new section “Eminent CIOs of India”, where we have carried the Experience cell of 100 eminent CIO/CTO/CISOs in 10 different verticals. This section speaks on the latest research on the effectiveness of the chief information officer (CIO) in organizations and its impact on IT success, such as successful strategies on flexibility to work with new business models. Every CIO is working out their unique approach of adapting in this digital era and using technology in new and creative ways to transform their business. This section will give an overview, on how CIOs are the strategic reference point in their respective organizations’ transformational journey.

Let me take this opportunity to say a big “thank you” to you and the team which always responded so promptly when needed. I am grateful to you for the support, encouragement and the glimmer of hope you all gave us. Thank you again for taking the time for voting and giving us your valuable feedback on the survey.

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback and opinion on the Brand Book for continuous improvement .The book is also available online on 

Deepak Kumar Sahu
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief 

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