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Dangerous malware discovered in more than 25 popular games including PUBG


Dangerous malware discovered in more than 25 popular games including PUBG

As per a report by Kaspersky, 28 games including Roblox, FIFA, PUBGMinecraft, and many others have been exploited by a popular and dangerous malware called RedLiner. Most of these attacks were conducted between July 2021 and June 2022 affecting more than 3,84,000 users using around 92,000 malicious files.


The malware usually targets to steal some personal details including usernames, passwords, cookies, bank card details and autofill data from Chromium- and Gecko-based browsers, data from cryptowallets, instant messengers and FTP/SSH/VPN clients, as well as files with particular extensions from devices.


RedLiner was first discovered in March 2020 and is currently one of the most common and dangerous Trojans – which is primarily used to steal passwords and login credentials from the browsers, FTP clients and desktop messengers.


This Trojan can download and run third-party programs, execute commands in the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and also can open links in the default browser. The virus spreads through phishing emails, as well as third party loaders. RedLiner is said to be a type of malware that can track any data entered on the keyboard and is also capable of taking screenshots.

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