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CMOs becoming more strategic and directly aligned to growth


CMOs becoming more strategic and directly  aligned to growth

Rahul Singh
VP & Head of Marketing, SAP India


The evolving role of CMOs 
Marketing leaders have always been tasked with anticipating how customers, prospects and the market landscapes will shift. As the business landscapes become digital-first, the role of CMO is becoming more strategic and more directly aligned to top line and bottom line growth. In many industries as the sales is shifting to “as-a-service” models, the CMO will increasingly be expected to drive decision-making around what opportunities to pursue and the connections between product, portfolio and delivery 


Contribution towards strategic business discussions
The role of the CMO and the entire marketing function has been ever evolving however, in the post pandemic world this evolution has accelerated manifold. Marketing leaders are increasingly expected to play a frontline role in the digital transformation of the entire enterprise. They must be champions of customer success, defenders and chief ambassadors of the brand, stewards of company culture and drivers of the key growth initiatives of the organization. 


Real-time marketing to drive sustainable growth
Today, we operate in a highly dynamic digital business environment where consumer behaviour is constantly changing and buyer journeys are no longer linear. In such an environment, the traditional outbound “once size fits all” approaches are not effective. Marketing, as a result is shifting to more real-time models characterised by an in-the-moment, highly personalised, inbound approach.

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