Aditi Rao Hydari spills beans on her role in 'The Girl on the Train'


Aditi Rao Hydari spills beans on her role in 'The Girl on the Train'

Aditi Rao Hydari has managed a few hearts skip a beat till date, shall soon sizzle on OTT with her performance in 'The Girl on the Train'. Talking about her role Aditi called her character Nusrat as 'the perfect sunshine girl'.


According to the 'Bhoomi' star, despite Nusrat being adapted from Megan in the Hollywood original, Nusrat had a lot more going on around her in the 'Netflix' film. The Bollywood version film, featuring Parineeti Chopra, has been directed by Ribhu Dasgupta. "Ribhu re-wrote this character a lot.


He brought a lot more of her backstory. I really liked the way he juxtaposed these two very opposite characters, where Mira (Parineeti Chopra) is the one who is going through this turmoil and the girl on the balcony, Nusrat, is this perfect sunshine girl. It is like she is living vicariously through her. Megan in the original film is a mysterious girl on the balcony. But, Nusrat is very flesh and blood," said Aditi.


According to the original story, an unfortunate incident brings Nusrat (Aditi) and Mira (Parineeti) at opposite ends of the spectrum, revealing the dark sides of both the characters. Aditi lauded the way director Ribhu played with the two female leads in the film.


"Every character Ribhu has written is layered. I loved how he played with the opposing worlds Mira and Nusrat. I think that was what really drew me to this. I don't know how I played it. I'm one of those trusting people who walk onto a set and surrender myself to the story. I like working like that," she added.


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