“Our work in 2020 will be pivotal in setting the stage for the future as well, both for organization and customers”


“Our work in 2020 will be pivotal in setting the stage for the future as well, both for organization and customers”

Rishi Mehta, Global Technology Expert


Key Priorities of 2020
Digital transformation is a journey and continuously evolves based on business needs. We had set the relevant culture, tone and emphasis on this continuous journey a few years ago. We have been working on implementing new and emerging technologies like ML, AI, Big Data Analytics, IOT, Edge Compute to enhance productivity and zero-trust policies, tighter cyber security policies to enhance security. Customer centricity, both external and internal, has been at the forefront while formulating our strategy for adopting latest technologies for enhancing productivity, security and adding more value to services offered to our end customers.


Combining Breakthrough & Fusion approach
Destination is critical, but journey is equally important. There has to be a clear roadmap and strategy to achieve the end result while setting up interim milestones which can be validated and measured. One has to weigh pros / cons of quick shock vs gradual adaptation of technology. Consider both these approaches as tools and one should be willing to use the relevant one based on the situation.


Cyber Security  
With the technology advancement and adoption of emerging technologies, comes the inevitable risk of exposure. Every facet and function of business is getting digital and inter-connected, so we see cyber security threat as a real risk. Data is new gold and one has to guard the data (be it intellectual property, customer analytics, employee data, business strategies, product plans etc.) against any kind of attacks irrespective of the technologies one adopts – whether cloud or on-premise or hybrid. One can never take eyes off the security (all kinds, not just cyber) … it has to be an integral part of one’s digital transformation journey.


Achieving Digitalization  
We have created centers of excellence around the globe including India and some of our India R&D centers are leading projects in a vertical fashion (bigger responsibility) instead of horizontal i.e. they are driving end to end R&D projects following SDLC principles – Requirements analysis, design, development, system testing, release etc. This helps to build holistic, varied and niche skillsets in R&D which are needed to augment digital prowess in India.


“If you sweat in peace, you will bleed less in war” – a famous quote by Leo Tolstoy. Our preparation entering into 2020 was stellar, but COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges. However, these new challenges brought in some new opportunities as well and ongoing digital transformation has picked up even more pace to offset the adverse impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on business. We believe our work in 2020 will be pivotal in setting the stage for the future as well, both for organization and customers.”     


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