Lenovo's ThinkBook, taking flexibility and collaboration to a new league for today's workforce


Lenovo's ThinkBook, taking flexibility and collaboration to a new league for today's workforce

Lenovo’s new ThinkBook, dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) comes with new technologies that take flexibility and collaboration to a whole new level. It boasts intuitive features that modernises multitasking and redefines personal productivity.


Given the current COVID-19 scenario, modern workers need a streamlined laptop they can use to collaborate from nearly any remote location. No other group leverages smarter technology to enhance productivity quite like the smartphone-literate workers. Nearly 60 percent of the “new workforce” have grown up working, creating and communicating online with stylish devices that make a statement. Millennials and Gen Z, who comprise of the two generations of modern workers crave meaningful employment and expect company devices that blur the lines of work, life, passion and purpose.


Ashish Sikka, Director SMB, Lenovo India says, “Our vision of Smarter Technology for All is a world where every person and business has access to technology that enables them to achieve their own intelligent transformation. The new wave of young business leaders expect their workplace devices to do more but with a minimalist look. ThinkBook is a perfect fit to fill this existing product gap in the SMB marketplace.”


Backed by customer research, ThinkBook is specially designed for SMBs buying laptops for perceived design and price advantages, but also miss out on business grade features and security in the process. ThinkBook allows growing firms to keep a competitive edge in attracting today’s young tech-savvy execs with cool looking yet cost-effective devices which at the same time are sturdy and secure, which is a key priority for today’s business leaders and decision makers.


Novel Design


Wrapped in a lightweight anodized aluminium chassis with a sleek Mineral Grey finish, ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15 are purposefully built with zinc-alloy hinges, making it a head turner in boardroom meetings as well as cafes.


High-End Performance


This modern workforce requires devices that can help them stay agile, creative and productive, wherever they are. The new laptops are equipped with Skype Hot Keys that help answer and hang up Skype for Business calls with a single press of a key.


In order to keep pace with this new generation of multitaskers, ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15 are also equipped with AMD Radeon™ 625 and 620 graphic cards respectively, making content consumption more enjoyable, loading web pages faster, streaming video smoother, and displaying images clearer. To facilitate fast file transfers, they are built with a USB Type-C port.


Furthermore, the long battery life of both the laptops keeps them running all day with RapidCharge technology that charges up to 80% in just one hour.


Secure & Reliable


The new ThinkBook laptops come with Smart Power On feature where the Power On button is integrated with a fingerprint reader (FPR) for easy biometric authentication to ensure only authorized users can turn on the device.


Productivity and business performance growth cannot exist without security. ThinkBook 14 and 15 have been built to keep employees, who are always on the move, secure when connecting to public networks. Protected by Lenovo Vantage, the built-in WiFi security feature detects and notifies users of malicious networks in real-time. Furthermore, the laptops come fully equipped with ThinkShutter, a physical slider that keeps the webcam covered when not in use.


Hassle-free service and support


Apart from hardware, Lenovo also offers business-grade services including international warranty and support upto 5 years to help SMB decision-makers prevent productivity interruptions with faster and hassle-free support. Lenovo’s premier support gives SMBs access to technical account managers who act as a single point of contact for case management. Additionally, with next-business-day repair service and prioritized parts access, SMBs can keep system downtime and productivity interruptions to an absolute minimum.


Perfect for any business, the new Lenovo ThinkBook 14 and 15 combine modern style and consumer-oriented design elements, such as aluminium exteriors, with the business-grade and built-in security features that customers expect from the Think family PCs.


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