Barco strives to deliver great customer experience along with innovative products


Barco strives to deliver great customer experience along with innovative products

Rajiv Bhalla
Managing Director
Barco Electronic Systems


Innovation delivered

Innovation has been the lifeblood of Barco for over 85 years and it will continue to be the driving force in shaping Barco’s unique positioning as a brand that enables brighter outcomes for its customers, employees and other stakeholders. It is broadening its innovation strategy and focusing on bringing in innovation that matters to its customers. 


As part of its Corporate DNA, Barco strives to combine its zeal for innovation with a strong focus on execution and a clear commitment to outcome-based solutions. 


Barco has a strong R&D presence across the globe and is continuously investing in strengthening its capabilities both in hardware and in software. In India, it is heavily investing in its software labs, which it believes will strengthen and catalyse its ability to deliver unique services combining its hardware and software capabilities.


With it's In India, For India’ strategy, Barco is aligning itself better to the local customer requirements and moving towards agile transformation. 



Achieving superior customer outcomes

Barco is advancing its capabilities to achieve superior customer outcomes and follow a customer-first attitude, by combining hardware, software and services. Across every Barco business, it tries to fully understand customer needs and explore new business models to learn how it can deliver and capture value throughout the solution lifecycle. 


In 2019, consumers are buying experiences more than products and solutions and various researches have shown that customers are driven towards businesses which excel in providing great experiences. Barco always believes in delivering “wow experiences” and will continue to focus on building innovative products and solutions, with experience at its core.


Behind Barco’s slogan of “Enabling bright outcomes” there is a core truth. The products and services it sells often make a significant difference in the way companies work to collaborate and communicate. Its new visualization solution – Barco UniSee, which is completely bezel-less is a huge step forward for the video wall industry. Similarly, Barco ClickShare is a unique proposition for delivering a wireless experience for more effective, intuitive and worry-free collaboration in customer’s meeting and training rooms.



Sustainable employability : Barco cares!

Barco is convinced that the key to well-being in the workplace is ‘Sustainable employability’. 

Keeping the team motivated and giving them a sense of direction is ever more critical in today’s competitive day and age. Hence, employee satisfaction remains a strong focus for Barco and it has a very clear and focused people strategy. By appreciating and stimulating talent, by encouraging its people to learn and develop themselves, by motivating them and by keeping them healthy – both physically and mentally –, Barco wants them to feel strong, valued and fit. It also focuses on the employees’ ability to proactively anticipate change, evolution and trends so they are ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing world – either within or outside our company. 


Considering the initiatives and efforts of Barco to build a strong culture of ‘one team’, the company was recently certified as a Great Place to Work® in India.




Name of the CEO     : Jan De Witte
Headquarter            : Kortrijk, Belgium
Year of inception    : 1934 

Interesting Facts :
• Projecting more than half of all movies in cinemas worldwide
• Making events amazing 30,000 times a year
• Providing insight for 1 out of 4 smart cities
• Sharing over 5 million ideas with ClickShare everyday 
• More than 7,00,000 Barco medical displays in use in 90+ countries
• 80% of new car designs see their first light on a Barco screen
The path-breaking products/solutions from last FY :
• UniSee Bezel-less LCD Video Wall
• wePresent WiPG-1600W, an upgraded wireless presentation system in classrooms and meeting rooms
• Barco WiCS-2100 Wireless solution for classrooms and small  meeting rooms
• F80 Series of Professional Projectors
• XDL Line of 4K Laser Projector
• OverView LVD 5521B, a 55" extreme narrow bezel LCD video wall for entry-level and mid-end applications




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