Syed Kadam Murshed, Vice President IT - Future Oncology Hospital



Future Oncology Hospital focusing on adoption of ML, predictive analytics, and Clinical Decision Support Systems


Redefined CIO role 
A CIO arguably is one of the most important candidates with the ability to balance business continuity relationship with evolving risk factors. He is becoming the strategic catalyst of agile business technology adoption. He has to redefine, direct, control and conduct what is possible for an enterprise. In every step of today’s fast changing business landscape, the CIO has to maintain the equilibrium between business innovation and the all-round vulnerable cyberspace. Become or not, he is the most aspiring and appropriate profile for CEO position because he is a bit of everything with a focus on business.



Innovation requires delicate thinking and planning. It should also follow strong execution actions to make it a success. Starting from conceptualisation to adoption, few business-technology innovations deliver benefit. Organisations can overcome such challenges by including some success factors into the action plans. Steps can be like: 1. Absolute clarity on targets, strategy, objectives and roadmaps should be communicated to the stakeholders. 2. Clear accountabilities and governance approach should be formulated. 3. Empowered cross functional teams with well-defined responsibilities and control functions in order to ensure a consistent force to achieve success at optimum value to be created. 4. A culture to achieve and enjoy co-creation has to be established. 5. The value impact of new innovations on existing core business must be properly obtained, judged and captured. 6. ROI should be measured and recorded along with the efficiency enhancement throughout the value chain. 

Everything done well, the return can be significant and fast. Failures, if any should never be ignored. We should be able to note those as lessons learnt.



This year our most important priority is to build awareness about Data Culture across organisation. Keeping a close eye on security aspect, Big Data, AI, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain will be our key initiatives regarding technology adoption. We are focusing on adoption of Machine Learning, predictive analytics, and Clinical Decision Support Systems with standardised practices and mechanism. We are ready to provide quality service delivery and achieve best resource utilisation practice. All these will drive revenue, provide better outcome and help us gain competitive advantage for sure.


“Our senior leadership always aspire for cultivating innovation with best practices. It will be seamlessly embedded in delivery process and a new knowledge will be captured as an integral by-product of care delivery experience. The goal is to create a new data driven, intelligent, continuously learning Healthcare Care System for Oncology Treatment by adopting whole Technology Deck with a futuristic open mind.”

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