Manish Thakar, General Manager (IT) - Hitachi Hirel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd.



Hitachi Hirel Power Electronics to digitize its Product Quality function



Redefined CIO role  
Since information is becoming most important source for the business to grow, the time has gone now that CIO is just responsible for the delivery of IT services and Information portfolio only, now the time has come where CIO can contribute maximum to the business with the knowledge and application of the right technology.

Innovation: CIO can not only improve the business process but also gives a way to innovate the product based on market demand, so this is direct contribution to the business.

Contribution to reduce cost: CIO not only can reduce the operating cost but also can expand the business to the next level.

Solution for the problems: CIO can have an answer and a solution to almost all business needs also a solution of the problem statements of business.

Quality: Most important part is Quality, whether it is a business process or a product itself, CIO can open the door for the improvement and continues improvement using newer technologies.


Innovations & ROI
100% Customer satisfaction is our mission statement, so definitely we have to meet or exceed the customer expectation. Since we are in Engineering Manufacturing and Power electronics, we have innovated our product with the technology and added feature which has exceeded the expectation of our customers.


Key Priorities
We are going to transform few critical business process to digital platform and we will start from Product Quality function.

Incoming raw material Quality check is manual as of now. QC department is being offered the new raw material which just arrived from the vendor, for quality checking. A person with the check list form goes there and checks the parameter and fill-up the form and write on sticker with the OK / Not OK tag. Now we will be digitizing the process and the person will open the QC module in the mobile device.

Next is vendor rating which is a simple physical audit at vendor place and rating vendor for the specific material, this process also will be online on mobile handheld device and result will be real time online.

SCM process: Today’s scenario for material warehousing process is little traditional, purchaser when gets the material requisition, he generates enquiry and send email to his known vendors. Now this is a tradition practice that most of the company follows. We are going to change this, and we will go with the E-Procurement module integrated with the MRP of company.



“We are keen to adopt the new and latest technologies not only to stay on top of the competition but enabling the business as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. The model of adopting technologies is like, look at the technology and co-relate with the business and see how we can use this technology to make a difference rather than thinking only for my business needs.” 

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