Dr. Harold D’costa President & CTO Cyber Security Corporation


Dr. Harold D’costa  President & CTO  Cyber Security Corporation

Focus on R&D gives a new dimension to Innovation


Redefined CIO role  
Today the CIO has to play a critical role to ensure that the objectives of the organization are met. Gone are the days when the CIO was performing his duties at the backend. Large chunks of data were processed and provided to front executives for tactical and strategic decision-making process. The role of the CIO was to only provide the reports without adding any value services. Data mining, data analytics were a new term and was never a KRA of CIO. Today the CIO has not only to provide reports but also to ensure that the piece of information can help the organization to achieve its goals, be a front stake holder by providing rational decisions and to localize the systems to suit the law of the land.


Innovations & ROI
Innovation is an important element for any business fighting to stay relevant. Business-to-business (B2B) companies in particular need to push hard to offer the best product for their customers. As business customers determine what products and services to buy, they are persuaded less by marketing and more by the performance and specifications of what they are buying. Customers want outcomes, and true innovation will always improve those outcomes. Secondly, focussing on R&D gives a new dimension to innovation and hence a role and value based ROI shall help in providing better innovation and services to the customer at a competitive cost.


Key Priorities
The older concept of CIO was only to process the data and provide reports to Management. Today CIO has to be more vocal and has to play a lead role to ensure that the organization sustains the competition from the competitors. My agenda and key priorities for 2019 shall be:

•    To innovate new practices and processes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
•    Imply the best security practices ensuring that at any time my organization doesn’t get tangled with any legal issues.
•    Cutting down the repetitive process, thereby ensuring that duplication of work is minimized which in turn can increase the bottom and top line of the organization
•    Digitization is for simplifying the process, which in turn can bring in more transparency and a cohesive atmosphere for the overall growth of the organization
•    Adding more filters and checklists to ensure that the data is secured and not getting in wrong hands
•    Rewarding my colleagues who come up with an idea which can make my organization get tangible benefits.


“Faster adoption of technology is the need of the hour and my organization is bent upon to leverage the use of technology to stay ahead in the competition. Some of the key indices where the focus of newer technology shall be put in use are - automate most of the tasks, use of AI for better and smarter decisions, deliver customised solutions at a very competitive cost, understand the needs of the customers to get an insight in the patterns of the customers buying. ”


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