Google Home Hub coming to India soon : As Nest Hub with Smart Assistant



At Google I/O 2019, the Google has announced that the  Google Home Hub smart assistant with a display and is now calling it Nest Hub, will be launched in India along with 11 other countries in English language only. The Google Home Hub smart display was launched last year in April during the launch of the Pixel 3 range of phones. The Nest Hub will cost $129 in the US but there is no official word as far as India pricing is concerned.


The Nest Hub marks a shift for Google to naming everything comprising their smart home hardware under the Nest umbrella, which is a similar strategy that many companies undertake in order to streamline their product lines. However, Google will only bring the Nest Hub to India, and not the Nest Hub Max.


The Google Home Hub or Nest Hub competes directly with the Amazon Echo Show. The device consists of a 7-inch touch display and a cylindrical shape speaker and thankfully there’s no camera on it. However, Google also launched a 10-inch version of the device in the form of Nest Hub Max which comes with mics and also a camera at a price of $229.The Nest Hub will offer a better way to operate all Google services with Google Assistant.


The Google Home speaker, meanwhile, would remain on sale in India, in parallel to the Google Nest Hub. In contrast, the Nest Hub incorporates the features of a smart home controller, which many may find useful in terms of owning a smart speaker with a display, that can also act as a central controller for a future smart home ecosystem that Google hopes it would be a part of.


The company also claims that the Google Home Hub is compatible with 200 million smart devices from 1000 different brands. Apart from being a smart display, the device can also be turned into a digital photo frame, thanks to the Google Photo integration.



The Google Home Hub comes with a Home View dashboard which allows users complete control of every smart device present in the room with a cleaner and easy to use UI. With the help of Home View users can control all the smart devices in their home remotely. For instance you can control the temperature in your bedroom while sitting in the living room or can also adjust the volume of the sound system present in the other room.


The Google Home Hub also comes with a feature called Google Voice Match that helps the device to detect a voice and can then switch to a personalised profile for the registered users with their voice. The feature also helps parents to filter the profile and monitor the content they want their children to access using the device. 


The Google Nest Hub will launch in India, with launch dates not disclosed yet. The pricing for the Nest Hub begins at $129 (~Rs 9,000), but it remains to be seen how Google prices the product in India. This may also see a change of pricing for the Google Home speaker in India in the coming weeks.


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