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Ola to cease use of Microsoft Azure


Ola to cease use of Microsoft Azure

Bhavish Aggarwal, the founder of Ola has announced that Ola will switch from using Azure, the cloud computing platform, to Krutrim AI's cloud in the midst of his continuing battle with Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. The news is made just one week after Krutrim declared that businesses, researchers, and developers will be able to use its cloud platform. Additionally, Bhavish Aggarwal declared that he will collaborate with the Indian developer community to create a social media digital public infrastructure (DPI).


“Since LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft and Ola is a big customer of Azure, we’ve decided to move our entire workload out of Azure to our own Krutrim cloud within the next week. It is a challenge as all developers know, but my team is so charged up about doing this,” Aggarwal said in a post on X.


He also said that Krutrim will offer free cloud usage for a year to any developer who wants to leave Azure.


At the heart of the issue is an answer given by LinkedIn’s AI chatbot to a question. When the Ola CEO asked the chatbot “Who is Bhavish Aggarwal?”, it responded by using the pronoun “they” for him. This infuriated Aggarwal.


In a LinkedIn post, Aggarwal framed the chatbot’s answer as a “pronoun illness” and expressed concerns about Indians copying this practice.


However, shortly afterwards, he said that the platform took down his post saying it went against its “Professional Community Guidelines”.


Aggarwal again took to social media and alleged that LinkedIn again deleted his post and didn’t even notify him. He added that he would announce his next steps on the issue. In his latest post, Aggarwal said that the pronouns issue is a “woke political ideology of entitlement which doesn’t belong in India”.

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