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OpenAI’s ChatGPT search engine may launch early next week


OpenAI’s ChatGPT search engine may launch early next week

OpenAI’s first Google search-like product is about to reportedly go official in the next few days. The Sam Altman-backed OpenAI has been reportedly developing its Google alternative, dubbed the ChatGPT search engine, for a while now. The company has registered a new domain name, “”, indicating an imminent launch.


The ChatGPT search engine is speculated to be a product that combines the capabilities of a web search engine with generative AI capabilities like ChatGPT. When a user asks a question or inputs a query, the ChatGPT search engine will likely offer a result that includes AI-generated content along relevant web pages, which is similar to Perplexity AI. This means a user will not only get an AI summary of all the relevant information available on the web but also include direct sources for those who need a bit more information than just a summary.


The UI of the ChatGPT search engine might vary depending on the device. On a desktop, the web results and AI summary might appear side-by-side, while the same on a smartphone might appear one after another. Another great example of how the ChatGPT search engine might look is Microsoft’s Copilot, which is powered by GPT-4 and the Bing search engine.


Google currently has a strong hold on the search engine business with almost 90 per cent market share, with Microsoft Bing being the second biggest search engine. Google has also been experimenting with AI features for a while now.

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